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Six-figure settlement in auto accident with city worker

Denver residents are used to sharing the roads with city vehicles. Colorado cities and municipalities try to do their best to ensure that their employees are trained and equipped to ensure the safety of others as they drive to and from sites throughout the area. But when a city employee causes a motor vehicle accident while on the job, it’s important for victims to understand their rights in these circumstances.

Take the example of an accident that occurred in a Colorado city back in 2016 in which a city utilities worker got into an accident with another driver. The victim suffered injuries and emotional distress as a result of the collision and sought compensation through a personal injury lawsuit. They driver and the city recently reached a settlement of the litigation in which the city paid him over $150,000.

This illustrates a crucial point for accident victims injured in a crash with a driver who is driving as part of a job at the time of the accident. Whether that driver is a public employee or works for a private company, the entity employing that driver may also bear liability for what happened. That means that a victim may seek compensation from the driver’s employer, not just the individual driver, and that in turn means the potential for a far greater award or settlement than one might otherwise be able to obtain.

A legal professional can play an important role in consulting with accident victims on the multiple parties who may bear liability in an accident. Knowing whom to hold accountable for one’s injuries can help yield more significant results.

Source: Daily Camera, “Boulder agrees to pay $152,000 to man injured in crash with city vehicle,” Alex Burness, Feb. 6, 2018