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Auto accident in downtown Denver injures pedestrians

On Behalf of | Dec 8, 2017 | Car Accidents |

Walking around downtown Denver is something many residents would consider a relatively peaceful, safe activity. Especially when enjoying time out with friends in broad daylight, few would expect to suddenly find themselves the victims of an auto accident.

This was just what happened, however, to a group of three pedestrians on a recent Sunday afternoon. The group was passing a parking lot near the 16th Street Mall. A van was leaving the parking lot and did not stop at the gate on its way out. All three pedestrians were struck by the van as it exited the lot. While the extent of their injuries had not been reported, all three were transported to the hospital.

Injuries in pedestrian accidents are often severe, due in part to the lack of protection pedestrians have as compared to other drivers. Pedestrians who survive a collision may be left with head or brain injuries, the symptoms of which can be difficult to detect and may only become obvious as time passes. Back injuries may similarly become debilitating as pain and suffering gradually worsens. A negligent driver’s insurance company will likely try to deny that such symptoms were a result of the accident, and it can be difficult for the average accident victim to try to argue otherwise.

For this reason, it is important that pedestrian accident victims consider their legal rights and options as soon as possible after receiving the necessary medical treatment. A personal injury professional can help assess the situation and discuss strategies for seeking compensation.

Source: The Denver Post, “Three pedestrians injured in accident in downtown Denver,” Noelle Phillips, Nov. 26, 2017



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