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How does OSHA protect workers while they are on the job?

On Behalf of | Sep 27, 2017 | Workers' Compensation |

Every year too many American workers are hurt while doing their jobs. Victims of workplace accidents and incidents reside right here in Colorado, and when their harm is caused by the practices in place at their places of employment those injured workers can pursue financial help through workers’ compensation claims.

However, it is in the interests of both workers and employers alike to stop workplace accidents from happening and to safeguard workers from having to take time off of their jobs as they heal from their jobsite ordeals. This is where the Occupational Safety and Health Administration, often referred to as OSHA, steps in and provides support to employees who wish to see their places of work made safer to reduce their risks of suffering on-the-job harm.

Through OSHA, American workers have rights. They have the right to be properly trained regarding how to handle hazardous substances, as well as the right to be informed about OSHA’s safety standards, workplace illness and injury histories of their employers and their workplace rights.

If workers believe that hazards exist at the jobs they can file complaints with OSHA to initiate investigations into improving workplace safety for everyone who must perform work-related duties at the site in question. Workers also have the rights to be involved in OSHA investigations and to know the results of those investigations when investigators have completed their inquiries.

Workers’ compensation claims are a vital part of providing workers with financial help when their workplaces create hazards and harm. However, through worker advocacy and support from OSHA, some workers may be able to avoid workplace accidents and prevent injuries from occurring while performing the duties of their employment.



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