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What are examples of distracted driving?

It is not uncommon for Colorado residents to find themselves distracted multiple times per day. They may find themselves pulled off of a work task to complete another responsibility, or they may lose their train of thought when an unexpected encounter takes their minds on a different path. Distractions are often harmless and only lead to lost time and attention. However, when they occur to a person who is driving a car the results can be deadly.

Distracted driving happens when something takes a driver’s attention away from the road. Given the ubiquity of personal electronic devices such as smart phones and GPS, distracted driving is a bigger problem than some may imagine. But distracted driving does not only happen when a driver’s eyes leave the road for a screen. It can happen because drivers are distracted by one of their passengers, by a map or document, by the food they are trying to eat while driving or by any other item that draws their attention away from operating their motor vehicles.

Since cars move relatively fast, accidents can quickly happen when drivers are distracted. A few moments of looking at a text message or trying to read a map in one’s front passenger seat can be all it takes to cause a rear-end collision, run a stop sign, and inflict pain and suffering upon other individuals on the road. Victims of distracted driving accidents can experience life-changing harm, and, in the most tragic cases, may lose their lives from the injuries they sustain.

Distracted drivers may be penalized by the Colorado criminal justice system, but those who hurt others due to their negligent or reckless conduct may also be subjected to civil lawsuits for personal injuries. Victims of distracted driving car accidents often have rights to compensation from the individuals who caused them to experience loss and harm.