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Street sweeper collides with SUV in deadly accident

On Behalf of | Jul 14, 2017 | Car Accidents |

Readers may expect that individuals who drive for a living are more careful and less prone to accidents than everyone else. While this might be true in some cases, all drivers can make life-threatening mistakes and misjudgments when they are behind the wheels of their cars, trucks, or work vehicles. Recently, a tragic accident occurred in Colorado that claimed one life when the driver of a municipal vehicle made a fatal error.

The deadly accident happened near Longmont, and involved a street sweeper and a sport utility vehicle. Law enforcement officials believe that the driver of the street sweeper drove through a red light and collided with the passenger side of the victim’s vehicle. The deceased victim was a passenger in that vehicle and reportedly died at the scene of the crash. The driver of the vehicle sustained serious injuries as well.

The driver of the street sweeper was employed by a Denver company, and representatives for that entity have also stated that they will conduct an investigation into the incident. In the event that the surviving victim and the loved ones of the deceased victim choose to file litigation as a result of this crash, they may look to include the driver’s employer and other parties as possible defendants in their cases.

Although it is impossible for litigation to undo the pain and suffering that fatal accidents inflict, it can provide victims with compensation to get their lives on track after suffering significant blows. Wrongful death claims, as well as personal injury and negligence claims, can serve as the legal bases for lawsuits in deadly motor vehicle accidents. Attorneys who practice personal injury law are well-suited to advise their car accident clients on how best to preserve their rights after devastating collisions.

Source:, “1 killed after street sweeper runs red light, smashes SUV south of Longmont, CSP says,” Mitchell Byars, June 26, 2017



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