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What might qualify a nurse for worker’s comp?

On Behalf of | Jun 13, 2017 | Workers' Compensation |

To get worker’s compensation, an injured worker typically has to show that an injury occurred on the job and during the scope of normal work activities. If you are a nurse, you probably understand the many ways in which it is possible to get hurt on the job. Worker’s compensation can help you with issues such as X-rays, surgery and counseling.

Repetitive motions

Nurses often must perform repetitive motions, such as moving or lifting patients, and proper technique goes only so far. These activities take a cumulative toll and can cause back injuries, shoulder injuries, neck injuries, herniated discs, carpal tunnel syndrome and more.

One-time lifting or moving events

In fact, moving and lifting patients can be so risky that it is possible for a nurse to become seriously injured from just one incident. Of course, a nurse’s body may already be in danger of injury due to previous repetitive lifting and moving, so there may be a certain degree of interconnectedness to everything.

Patient actions

There is also the fact that patients sometimes get angry, violent or delirious. They may, for example, stab a syringe in a nurse’s leg or shove the nurse against a wall. The resulting injuries may be severe, and the emotional aftermath can be just as serious.

Substances on the floor

Many nurses are also at risk of slips and falls. Substances on the floor may include blood, urine, sweat or even spilled water. Nurses frequently must hurry from one place to another and may slip on these substances.

Unfortunately, many nurses think that these injuries are simply part of the job. That is, these injuries are just a fact of life they need to deal with to continue working. Also, some nurses are afraid to report their injuries for fear of being fired. The fact is that hospitals and health care facilities could be doing more to ensure the safety of nurses. For example, hospitals could install more ceiling hoists and lifts. An attorney can help determine if you may have a worker’s compensation claim.



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