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Tips for driving in construction zones

Construction zones are synonymous with frustration and traffic jams. While tensions are high and drivers are irritated on their commute to or from work, the probability of accidents gets higher. Accidents in construction zones are particularly dangerous because there is not much room to protect those involved, and construction workers are vulnerable, especially when drivers are going at high speeds.

There are safety tips that can keep you and construction workers safe from accidents if you are willing to adapt to the situation. While you may be frustrated with the extra 20 minutes it takes you to get to work, it is not worth the risk of an accident.

Know where the zone starts and ends

Construction zones will usually have a sign where the construction starts and where it ends. All rules and reduced speed limits apply until you see the sign for the end of construction. Speeds are significantly lower in construction zones for safety reasons, and you should always abide by them strictly.

Follow the cones and barrels for flow of traffic

Construction workers use barrels and orange cones to move traffic to divert it away from the site when necessary. Slow down when you see the cones and barrels and never go through or run over them. If you cause damage when you hit a cone or barrel, you may be held liable.

Assume workers are there

Even if you cannot see them, there may be construction workers around that are vulnerable as they work. When you are in a construction zone, you should always assume that there are workers. Slow down, watch closely and follow all signs and barriers.

Be patient

No one likes being stuck in construction, but it is necessary to keep roads safe and secure for your commute. If you have been injured in an accident in a construction zone despite driving safely, you may want to discuss your case with an attorney to see if you deserve compensation from the at-fault driver.