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Common car crash injuries

Every time you get into a car, an accident is a dangerous possibility. While the type and seriousness of crashes can differ, you should be aware of the common types of car accident injuries and what to do if you are hurt.

Head injuries

When a car travels at high speeds and then crashes, coming to an abrupt stop, head injuries may occur. You may hit your head against the dashboard or other interior parts of the car. This type of violent impact can cause traumatic brain injury, skull fractures and deteriorating vision. Traumatic brain injury can take a while to show symptoms, and it is easy to overlook initial signs such as excessive fatigue, nausea, irritability and headaches.

Even if you did not hit your head on anything, you could still suffer from TBI because your brain could hit the interior of your skull.

Spinal cord

Back injuries may also occur due to harm to the spinal cord, which can produce nerve problems ranging from paralysis to unpleasant numbness and pain. You may experience neck problems as well, such aswhiplash, which can seriously damage muscles, ligaments and vocal cords.

Fractures and other issues

Broken bones and internal bleeding are extremely serious traumatic injuries. Paramedics may apply emergency measures at the scene and transport you to the emergency room for treatment. While such injuries tend to announce themselves immediately, emergency treatment may not address the potential problems that could result.

Getting help

Many of these injuries develop symptoms or become more aggravated after the accident. For this reason, you should see a doctor as soon as possible, even if you went to the emergency room. You should also monitor any symptoms and go back for an appointment if you experience any changes.

If you have an injury from a motor vehicle accident, you may continue to need treatment. You may also experience a reduced capacity to work and a diminished quality of life. Speak with an experienced attorney to learn about getting legal compensation for your injuries.