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Colorado workers empowered by OSHA and workers’ compensation

It is in the best interest of employers that their workforce remains healthy and strong. And of course, it is also vital that employees have the safest work environment possible. For these reasons, the federal government has specific mandates that help ensure worker safety. And the primary regulator of workplace safety requirements is the Occupational Safety and Health Administration.

Thanks to OSHA, workers in Colorado and throughout the country enjoy a variety of rights and protections. For example, if you become aware of a hazard or safety violation at your place of employment, you have the right to ask your employer to make prompt, necessary corrections. Even if the hazards you spot are not strict violations of OSHA policies, you still have the right to request action.

If your employer is not moved by your request to take corrective measures and you believe that hazards or work conditions pose valid threats to you and the other workers, you can file a complaint with OSHA. You can also request OSHA to perform an inspection.

OSHA is just one example of an organization that offers empowerment to workers. So too does Colorado’s workers’ compensation system. Workers’ compensation provides financial support if you have been injured on the job and need money for medical expenses and to compensate for time lost from work.

And yet another source of support can come in the form of a knowledgeable workers’ compensation attorney. If you are injured the attorney can perform a variety of important services, including helping you file a claim that thoroughly accounts for all of your expenses and needs. The attorney can also assess your situation and represent your interests if you have had a claim recently rejected for some reason.