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Construction zone accidents on the rise

Roadside construction zones are among the more serious hazards facing motorists. Accidents in these areas are increasingly common and can result from many factors. Often, construction zone car crashes happen because someone was careless or made a mistake, whether it was a fellow motorist, a construction worker or the company in charge of planning. If you are a worker at such a site or a driver passing one, there are several sources of danger to watch out for.

Road conditions

One of the first things to suffer during construction is the condition of the pavement in and around the site, especially if a section of the road is being replaced. Drivers may have to pass through lanes where the top asphalt layer has been removed in preparation for pouring a new one. To minimize the danger posed by uneven pavement, companies are required to post signs warning of these conditions. Accidents can happen if signs are misplaced, illegible or damaged, and if drivers fail to make the necessary adjustments. A careless driver who fails to pay attention to proper signage can also set off a chain reaction of collisions.

Navigating a construction zone

In some types of road construction, drivers have to pass through narrow lanes with sharp turns. These paths may be designated by a barrier, a line of traffic cones or other conspicuous indications. The construction company is also responsible for setting out paths that are actually safe and do not present any undue hazards from excessive narrowness or sharp turns.

Failing to pay attention

Even when the construction company does everything right, the disruption to the normal flow of traffic increases the likelihood that some drivers will be careless. Common types of reckless driving, such as speeding or distracted driving, can result in more severe consequences if performed in a construction zone, which offers far less margin for error. Motorists who are proceeding on autopilot and failing to pay attention to the unusual disruptions to their normal route are especially liable to cause a crash.

A collision in a construction zone can hurt workers, drivers and passersby. Workers typically have recourse to worker’s compensation for any injury on the job, no matter who was at fault. If you were a driver or a passerby, you may face the necessity of figuring out who was responsible for the accident. A good lawyer can pursue all available avenues to get you the compensation you need, especially for the medical bills you may need to cover soon. To get a comprehensive idea of your options for compensation, consult an experienced attorney in your area.