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Back to school safety tips

Besides increasing the amount of patrol cars in school zones, Denver Police are helping families by providing many tips to stay safe all school year.

Police are reminding motorists to obey all traffic laws and speed limits in school zones and slow down. Be aware of the school crossing guards and obey all signals they give. Make sure that you stop for any school bus that is loading or unloading children. Ensure that you are alert and watchful for children around schools, school parking lots and bus stops. Taking a few moments to pay close attention to what is happening around you can help prevent a serious auto accident.

When driving through a school zone reduce your speed limit and watch for signals and children. Never pass another vehicle while in a school zone or at a crosswalk, as a stopped vehicle might be waiting for children to cross the road. Don’t change lanes or make U-turns while in a school zone. Do not make cellphone calls or text, unless you are using a hands-free system in your vehicle.

For families with young students that take a school bus to school, parents or guardians should consider walking children to the bus stop. Make sure that you teach your children to never play or stand on the road at a bus stop or while waiting. Ensure that your children understand all the bus safety rules and that they should never distract the driver on the road, unless it’s an emergency.

For students that like to walk to school, they should be accompanied by a parent or walk in a group to be more visible. Follow all the pedestrian laws, from crossing only at crosswalks to abiding by school crossing guards directions.

Students that ride a bike to school should have on the appropriate safety gear, from a helmet to reflectors. Bicyclists should be aware of the rules of the road and follow all safety rules. Remember don’t ride you bike across a street or at an intersection, always get off and walk on designated crosswalks.

For students that drive themselves and others to school, they should take extra care to minimize distractions, from noise passengers, loud music, eating or using a cell phone. Never speed or fool around in a school zone. Don’t overload your vehicle with extra passengers, everyone should have a safety belt and use it.

Now that children are back in school in Denver, there are many different ways to be healthy and safe during the school year. In fact, riding a school bus is safer than driving students to school in a passenger vehicle or walking to school. No matter how you get to school, be safe and if an injury or accident happens make sure you contact an attorney.