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Repeat offender kills cyclist and flees scene

Many cyclists face dangers during their rides. They take to roadways, navigating foothills, finding scenic spots or hitting more challenging paths in order to prove their abilities and attain a sense of accomplishment. But these roadways are wrought with danger as distracted motorists become an increasingly common problem.

In the case of a recent cyclist fatality out of Boulder, the young woman charged was allegedly intoxicated. There was a case of beer in her car, but only five cans were unopened. The Colorado State Patrol claims she swerved into the bike lane and struck the cyclist and then left the scene of the accident. Once authorities got a call regarding a damaged vehicle from a witness who claimed the accused was hysterically laughing, she was pursued and ultimately apprehended.

Prior to her arrest, she refused to cooperate with roadside tests and there was an odor of alcohol emanating from her, but she claimed her criminal background was enough for them to arrest her anyway. Indeed, the woman was on probation for a prior conviction of driving while ability impaired just months earlier. She had also been arrested but not convicted of a DUI and a public intoxication offense previously.

What was a person like this doing on the roads? How many missteps can a person make before more drastic measures are taken? Does it take an innocent man losing his life for someone to be held accountable?

Tougher laws and greater restrictions may be needed for offenders who refuse to learn from their mistakes. Innocent families should not be forced to bear the hardships brought about by a selfish person so incapable of respecting life. The criminal court will hopefully put serious consequences on the offender but is it really enough?

If you don’t think so; if you want to set a precedent and hold anyone who contributed to an event such as this accountable, and if you have suffered or lost a loved one at the hands of a driver who fled the scene, you can find help from an attorney in Colorado. Your personal injury attorney can help you pursue relief through insurance claims where possible and relieve the burdens of the substantial monetary hardships during this time.

Source:, “Driver charged with vehicular homicide in death of Boulder cyclist,” Mitchell Byars, June 29, 2016