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Intersection in Aurora leaves infant dead, adult driver injured

On Sunday, two people died in a auto accident in Aurora, one of which was three month old baby.  The accident occurred when a red SUV and a pickup truck collided in an intersection, causing the SUV to crash into a light pole and an abutment.  According to police, that is what killed the driver—an adult male—and the infant, who had been in the seat directly behind the driver.

Investigation into the incident has not made it clear yet who was at fault in the car accident. Police say the teenage driver of the pickup claims to have had the green light at the intersection, which leads to an on and off ramp for Interstate 225.

Police, upon investigating the vehicle, said that the infant had been properly placed in a car seat and was placed properly in the back seat. But on Monday they stated that further investigation revealed the seat was not properly secured to the vehicle. It isn’t clear yet whether any damages will be sought in the case,, either for the death of the infant or injury to the driver.

Intersection crashes can be very serious, with drivers having their vehicles T-boned, sideswiped, or struck by vehicles involved in the primary accident. For those driving smaller vehicles, the damage can be particularly great when a larger vehicle is involved, such as a tour bus or semi tractor trailer.

Because the medical costs and other losses stemming from these accidents can be so great, it is important for crash victims to understand their legal options for recovery and to know their rights. Working with an experienced attorney to build a strong case is a good step to take in achieving this recovery.

Source: Source: CBS Local, “2 Dead After Car Wreck At Aurora Intersection,” April 29, 2013.