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Did you suffer a workplace injury in a health care setting?

From the outside, a casual observer may not think of a health care setting as a particularly dangerous place to work: It’s not a crab fishing vessel on the Bering Sea, and medical attention is close at hand. Yet, health care workers face a slew of potentially dangerous situations on a regular basis, ranging from back injuries received while moving a patient to blood-borne pathogens – and everything in between.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, those who work in health care suffer injuries more often than workers in industries such as construction and manufacturing. In the health care industry, workplace injuries typically arise from moving and interacting with patients. The other significant hazard that health care workers face on the job is becoming ill due to contact with sick patients or pathogens in the workplace.

Those who suffer a workplace injury in Colorado may be entitled to workers’ compensation to help cover the medical expenses associated with the incident, as well as to offset any lost wages or earning potential that result due to the injury or illness. The threshold questions are whether you were injured at work and whether you did so while carrying out your job duties. If you can answer “yes” to both of these questions, then you may be entitled to workers’ comp benefits.

If you were injured while working in a health care facility, such as a hospital or nursing home, you should have a seasoned workers’ compensation attorney on your side. An experienced lawyer can help you negotiate the claims process, deadlines, injury rating, and if necessary, the appeals process. Visit the dedicated workers’ compensation page on our firm website to learn how we can help you.