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What happens when an insurance company acts in bad faith?

When you are going through a stressful time, for example, recovering from a serious car accident, the last thing you need is an insurance company that acts in bad faith. That is, a company that misleads you or does not follow its obligations under Colorado law.

How can office workers at desks suffer injuries?

When most people think of work-related injuries, they think about something drastic. However, workplace-related injuries can occur to anyone anywhere, including those who spend most of their work days behind a desk. In fact, a report from the Bureau of Labor Statistics showed that over three million people suffered injuries at the workplace in 2013 alone. 

3 common types of repetitive strain injuries for nurses

Nurses and other professionals who work in health care face some of the biggest risks when it comes to workplace injuries. Despite efforts from the Occupational Safety and Health Administration to reduce the number of health-care employees who get hurt on the job, many workers still get hurt in this industry every year.

America’s most common office injuries

While there are well-documented risks associated with certain inherently dangerous careers, you tend to hear less about the types of injuries and health issues that can arise when you work in an office environment. While office-related injuries are less well-publicized, they can still prove highly damaging, and they have the capacity to affect many aspects of your overall health and wellness.

Most common workplace injuries in the health care industry

Nurses and other health care professionals provide a valuable service to the people of Denver and people all over the country. However, this job is not without its risks. There are certain injuries people working in hospitals are more prone to receiving than others in the workforce.

What might qualify a nurse for worker's comp?

To get worker’s compensation, an injured worker typically has to show that an injury occurred on the job and during the scope of normal work activities. If you are a nurse, you probably understand the many ways in which it is possible to get hurt on the job. Worker’s compensation can help you with issues such as X-rays, surgery and counseling.

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