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Turbulence leads to injury for airline attendants

Airline attendants have many occupational risks not faced by other industries. Air travel is considered fairly safe, but there are conditions which cause working conditions to be unsafe. Turbulence, the air movement that causes a bumpy ride, may be uncomfortable and inconvenient for passengers, but it is highly dangerous for flight attendants. Most incidents of turbulence occur when the plane is above 30,000 feet, but it can occur even when the sky is clear and the plane is below 30,000 feet

Can I get workers' compensation for carpal tunnel syndrome?

In Colorado, workers' compensation is available for workers who get injured on the job or suffer from a work-related condition. Repetitive stress injuries are among the most typical work-related conditions. Carpal tunnel syndrome is a common repetitive stress injury that often results from regular computer use or repetitive tasks with similar motions.

What kind of injury can I get workers' compensation for?

If you are injured in the workplace or as a result of your job, Colorado law may entitle you to various forms of compensation. You can get coverage for medical bills, imaging and lab studies, and loss of salary. While many types of common injuries will make you eligible for worker's comp, there are some notable exceptions.

Are you suffering from PTSD? Workers' comp may be available.

Unfortunately, mental stress is part of many work environments. In some cases, mental unease can translate into a more serious affliction, such as post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). PTSD tends to be more common for workers exposed to traumatic situations. As with other mental health conditions, the laws about workers' compensation and PTSD can be complex. Many people can also have trouble differentiating PTSD symptoms from regular levels of stress or unhappiness.

Some of the most common questions about workers' comp in Colorado

As a law firm that devotes a substantial portion of its practice to workers' compensation claims, we hear a lot of questions from our clients about some of the rules and procedures that apply to these types of cases.

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