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More than 600 drivers arrested over St. Patrick's Day weekend

Drunk driving is a serious problem in Colorado and across the United States. Accidents caused by a drunk driver are completely avoidable. When someone makes the decision to engage in drunk driving, they put their lives and the lives of others at risk. A St. Patrick's Day crackdown on drunk drivers in Colorado led to over 600 arrests.

Why driving while buzzed is more dangerous than you think

Most people know that getting behind the wheel while drunk carries the risk of causing a serious accident. If you ask your friends how drunk is too drunk to drive, chances are they will bring up the legal definition of a 0.8 percent blood alcohol level. They may also mention clear signs of impairment such as lack of physical coordination. What many people still do not know is that buzzed driving can be just as risky and is to blame for a high percentage of serious crashes.

Campaign aims to keep drunk drivers off Colorado roads

Because drunk drivers place all road users in grave danger, it is completely appropriate that our state's laws mete out very serious penalties for those who are convicted of DUI. It is no secret that every year drunk drivers are responsible for far too many accidents on the roadways of Colorado. Yet, in spite of all of the public awareness programs produced by such entities as Mothers Against Drunk Driving and the Colorado Department of Transportation, people are still getting behind the wheel while intoxicated.

How alcohol affects driving skills

Everyone knows that drunk driving is not safe. Almost one third of traffic fatalities in the United States can be attributed to impaired drivers. This is because alcohol affects areas of human functioning that are essential to driving safely. While some people may downplay the effect alcohol has on them and claim that they are fine to drive, the biological mechanisms of alcohol impairment work the same for all human beings.

The sad truth about drunk driving

If an accident takes place, a police officer can develop reasonable suspicion that a law may have been violated. In such instances, one of the first questions asked by the officer is if the driver was intoxicated. The matter is then further investigated. If all evidence suggests that the driver was in fact under the influence of alcohol, the driver is most likely charged with a DUI offense.

What if the drunk driver who hit me did not get convicted?

It is rare for people to not figure tomorrow into their every day. We get up in the morning and go to work, not because working eight hours will fulfill our desires for the day, but instead for tomorrow, for the earnings, for the retirement one day. You don't go to the store and buy the food item you are hungry for now and nothing else. But what if, in going about the tasks that cover you for tomorrow you are taken out of your daily equation today?

One officer pleads to society to combat drunk driving

A recent article in the Coloradoan features a sheriff's deputy in Larimer County who also happens to be the top enforcer for the DUI Enforcement Unit. The officer got hooked on driving under the influence investigations and arrests since 2002 when he shadowed an enforcement officer for the DUI division. Since then he has made 750 DUI arrests and 200 in the last full calendar year alone.

A darker meaning to Memorial Day

Holidays should be times of celebration and festivities, even a holiday such as Memorial Day, when we remember those who have given their lives for our country. For the families of those who were victims of alcohol-related accidents each Memorial Day, the holiday has taken a deeper, darker meaning.

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