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Workers' Compensation Archives

What benefits should you receive if you are injured at work?

No matter where you work, there is always a chance that you could become the victim of an accident. Whether it is a minor scrape, or a more serious incident, it is important to report it and seek medical attention. While an injury may at first appear minor, it is better to be safe than sorry. If you later discover that you were harmed more than you had at first thought, the fact that you reported it may increase your chance of success in a workers' compensation claim.

Colorado workers seek compensation for radiation exposure

Many jobs come with health hazards or a risk of injury. However, no matter your line of work, you expect to be properly protected. Your employer has a responsibility to ensure that you receive adequate warning of the potential dangers of your workplace, as well as training and safety equipment to protect you from it.

A compensation claim can help cover the cost of your injury

It can be difficult to keep on top of daily living expenses at the best of times, but what happens if an accident leaves you unable to work? Not only may you be faced with significant medical bills, you could also suffer a loss of wages during the time you need for your recovery. Furthermore, this accident may have happened at work, as a result of inadequate safety protocols, or someone else's negligence. Why should you pay the price for something that was not your fault?

Do you have a legitimate claim for workers' compensation?

Suffering an injury at work is already a stressful experience. Depending on the severity of your injuries, you could be facing a long recovery period and hefty medical bills. To make things worse, you may not be able to work while you are recovering, compounding the financial problem. However, you may be able to make a claim for workers' compensation in order to cover some of the costs associated with your injuries.

OSHA's shortfalls could endanger Colorado workers

A good employer is aware of the importance of maintaining safe working conditions for their employees. An employee is well aware if their bosses are making a good faith effort to see that instances of workplace accidents are kept to a minimum. This holds true for any work environment, be it full of potential hazards like a construction site, or relatively safe, like an office.

Concussions caused by workplace accidents need recovery time

Some Colorado work environments are inherently more dangerous than others. A construction site, with all of its heavy machinery and necessity for working on ladders and scaffolding, presents far more opportunity for experiencing a workplace accident than a business office. But no workplace is totally free of hazards, and a concussion-causing blow to the head can happen in an infinite number of ways.

Memorial held honoring Colorado workers

This past Easter, a memorial was held in the southern Colorado town of Ludlow. The memorial commemorated the 100-year anniversary of a tragic event in the history of American labor. The Ludlow Massacre was a brutal response on behalf of coal mining management to coal miners’ appeals for better living and working conditions.

Carbon monoxide exposure investigated at Denver restaurant

Workers in restaurants throughout Colorado are well aware of the common hazards found in a busy food service environment. Restaurant workplace accidents can arise from a variety of causes, including slick floors, hot cooking surfaces and sharp knives.

Compensation due to Rocky Flats Plant workers

Denver workers may have no guaranteed way to know the environment in which they work is safe. They must depend on their employer’s assurances. Should these assurances be inaccurate, the employer should act in good faith and compensate workers for any injury incurred in the unsafe work area. Sadly, sometimes employers refuse to acknowledge workers’ compensation claims.

Workers compensation bill promises protections for injured workers

Workers compensation benefits are critical for injured workers, and it is important for workers to know that they are being treated fairly when they are injured on the job. Unfortunately, the interests of employers are often in tension with those of injured workers. After all, an injured worker costs his or her business money. As things stand, the workers compensation system in Colorado does not consistently look out for employees, who do not always get the quality of care they need.

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