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What if I want to reopen my workers' compensation case?

Coloradans who are injured on the job have the right to seek workers' compensation benefits. If their claim is approved, the worker will get the benefits they need, which can include the wages that were lost while they were unable to work and compensation for medical care. It is important to remember that not all cases are the same. In some cases, the claim might have been closed, but the person finds that medical care and disability benefits are still needed.

Police officer injured on the job in crash with drunk driver

In Colorado, any employment can be dangerous and result in a worker being injured on the job. While those in sedentary and so-called "safe" jobs can be hurt in incidents and accidents, there are certain occupations that are riskier than others. Law enforcement is one. When an officer is out on patrol, investigating various incidents and serving the public, accidents and injuries can occur. While an officer is generally tasked with investigating drivers who are under the influence, they can also be injured in a crash with a drunk driver just as anyone else can. Even if the injuries are initially believed to be minor, that does not mean problems will not arise and lead to the officer needing treatment and being unable to perform the necessary duties. This is when it is wise to think about workers' compensation benefits.

What is the workers' compensation law for notifying employers?

Colorado workers who are injured in a workplace accident will have many concerns in the aftermath of the incident. While their primary concern should be getting medical treatment as quickly as possible and seeking to get better, they must remember that there are certain reporting requirements to ensure they get their workers' compensation benefits. Failure to adhere to the law can negatively impact a workers' compensation case and prevent the worker from getting the maximum benefits in a timely fashion. When there is a problem with anything related to workers' compensation, having legal help is imperative.

Workers' compensation and independent medical examinations

When a Denver worker is injured on the job, there will be an expectation that workers' compensation benefits will be available to cover their lost wages as they recover, pay for medical care and help them make ends meet, until they can return to work. In some instances, the worker might not even be able to return to work. Regardless, there are certain factors that might be important in a claim.

Can I work part-time if I am getting workers' compensation?

Not all Colorado workers who have been injured on the job in a workplace accident or who are suffering from an occupational disease will be completely unable to work for the entire time they are recovering. For many, they can recover incrementally and begin working part-time. However, a common concern they will have is if they can continue getting workers' compensation benefits to account for the wages they have lost by not working full-time and will still receive coverage for medical expenses. Understanding how returning to work part-time is handled is key to a case.

Workers' compensation and the choice of doctors in Colorado

After being injured on the job, part of the workers' compensation process is the medical examination and the doctors who perform it. The injured worker will often have questions about this part of the process, such as who will select the doctor and if it is possible to change from one doctor to another. These issues and anything else related to workers' compensation require that the employee be fully protected and follow all the rules as necessary to ensure a fair decision is made on the workers' compensation claim. Legal assistance is critical toward the goal of being approved.

What is scheduled and non-scheduled impairment in workers' comp?

When a Colorado worker is injured on the job, workers' compensation benefits are an important part of making ends meet and getting medical care while they try to recover. For some workers, the injury is not severe enough that they will never be able to work again or do not need to have a job that is specifically tailored to their post-injury abilities. Some workers though, will have permanent disability, but it will not be total disability. This is known as permanent partial disability (PPD).

Notify OSHA of unsafe working conditions via online form

Denver workers in health care and other industries generally understand that the U.S. Occupational Health and Safety Administration helps enforce the laws that protect them on the job and hold employers accountable for unsafe working conditions. But the federal agency may seem distant and far-removed from the realities of the workday in Denver. What should an employee do when it becomes necessary to file a safety and health complaint with OSHA?

Does your injury qualify for workers' compensation?

Denver workers suffer injuries on the job all the time, but far too many dismiss the notion that they should receive compensation. Perhaps they assume that workers' compensation is only for extreme situations and critical injuries. It is therefore worth pausing to ask: just what types of injuries are compensable under workers' compensation?

What if you can't go back to work after a workplace accident?

A serious accident on the job can leave workers with injuries that change their lives forever. While many recover and eventually return to work, this is not always the case. Some workers will need vocational rehabilitation - that is, assistance in finding new employment with requirements that they are able to perform. How can the Colorado Division of Vocational Rehabilitation help these individuals?

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