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What is scheduled and non-scheduled impairment in workers' comp?

When a Colorado worker is injured on the job, workers' compensation benefits are an important part of making ends meet and getting medical care while they try to recover. For some workers, the injury is not severe enough that they will never be able to work again or do not need to have a job that is specifically tailored to their post-injury abilities. Some workers though, will have permanent disability, but it will not be total disability. This is known as permanent partial disability (PPD).

Notify OSHA of unsafe working conditions via online form

Denver workers in health care and other industries generally understand that the U.S. Occupational Health and Safety Administration helps enforce the laws that protect them on the job and hold employers accountable for unsafe working conditions. But the federal agency may seem distant and far-removed from the realities of the workday in Denver. What should an employee do when it becomes necessary to file a safety and health complaint with OSHA?

Does your injury qualify for workers' compensation?

Denver workers suffer injuries on the job all the time, but far too many dismiss the notion that they should receive compensation. Perhaps they assume that workers' compensation is only for extreme situations and critical injuries. It is therefore worth pausing to ask: just what types of injuries are compensable under workers' compensation?

What if you can't go back to work after a workplace accident?

A serious accident on the job can leave workers with injuries that change their lives forever. While many recover and eventually return to work, this is not always the case. Some workers will need vocational rehabilitation - that is, assistance in finding new employment with requirements that they are able to perform. How can the Colorado Division of Vocational Rehabilitation help these individuals?

Denver area construction worker injured in air duct fall

Denver residents have only to pass by a typical construction site to get a sense of the risks that construction workers face on the job. From towering scaffolds to heavy machinery and electrical wiring, the possibilities for a workplace accident are numerous, and only increase as the scope of the construction project grows.

Representing injured nurses with workers' compensation claims

Working within the health care industry is always unpredictable. Of course, the highs that Denver nurses and health care workers get to experience when they ease a patient's pain and suffering, treat injuries or even save lives are exhilarating and are often the reason why they got into the field. But the job also comes with some serious lows, among them, the risk of injury in a workplace accident.

Nurse injured on the job in correctional facility

Regular readers of our Denver personal injury law blog are aware of the risks of workplace injury that nurses face on the job every day. Hospitals and clinics, elder care facilities and similar health care settings are the most common, but nurses work in a number of settings that Denver residents might not immediately think of, and they face unusual risks as well.

What is the timeline for filing a workers' compensation claim?

Injured workers in Denver are often urged to take action as soon as possible if they want to claim benefits. But just how soon is that, and what action, or actions, are required in seeking workers' compensation? For the answer, we look to the Colorado Department of Labor and Employment, which offers a helpful timeline summarizing the claims process and the responsible parties at each step.

Denver area retail employees injured on the job during robbery

There are many ways in which Denver residents may find themselves injured on the job. From slip-and-fall accidents, to burns, to crush injuries or repetitive stress injuries, any job site can be the scene of a workplace accident. Some workplace injuries, however, may not necessarily be tied to an accident, but they may be the result of a physical assault on the job.

Did you suffer a workplace injury in a health care setting?

From the outside, a casual observer may not think of a health care setting as a particularly dangerous place to work: It's not a crab fishing vessel on the Bering Sea, and medical attention is close at hand. Yet, health care workers face a slew of potentially dangerous situations on a regular basis, ranging from back injuries received while moving a patient to blood-borne pathogens - and everything in between.

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