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Healthcare workers face the danger of physical violence

Many people equate workers' compensation with a single-instance accident such as a slip-and-fall or being struck by a falling object. Healthcare workers, however, face those dangers plus those involving repetitive stress injuries and exposure to diseases. A new danger, unfortunately, has also become a growing trend - physical violence from patients and patients' families.

Workers most susceptible to contracting COVID-19

Many people on the job are susceptible to contracting the COVID-19 virus. Workers in the health care industry obviously have the greatest risk due to their day-to-day and person-to-person contact with patients who have the virus or suspected of having the virus. This group includes doctors, nurses, lab technicians and workers in clinics, hospitals as well as people employed by nursing homes and assisted living facilities.

Workplace hazards in nursing and their effects on the job

While the profession may look different from one role to another, depending on their assignments, many nurses are at risk simply by showing up for their daily shifts. These hazards can impact everyday job duties and, in many ways, even put nurses out of work for extended periods. If you are a nurse putting in demanding hours for the sake of the others' health, it may help you to understand the various ways hazards may affect you and your profession in the long-term.

COVID-19 workers' comp bill dies in committee

A Colorado bill that would have paved the way for some essential workers who contract COVID-19 to be eligible for workers' compensation benefits was killed in committee on June 10. The philosophy behind the bill created the presumption that COVID-19 contractions are always work-related for employees in specific industries, unless employers definitively show otherwise.

Common on the job hazards for healthcare employees

How is healthcare defined? The short answer is broad. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), a federal agency dedicated to maintaining safe working conditions for millions of Americans, define healthcare, as the "action of providing direct or indirect health services to individuals in various settings."

Preventing slip-and-fall injuries in the medical field

Health care professionals have some of the riskiest jobs, and unfortunately, injury is all too common. Not only are they exposed to illnesses on a daily basis, but they also work long, busy shifts that can trigger overexertion and fatigue. One of the most frequent causes of medical workplace injuries are slip-and-fall incidents.

Moving patients a common cause of injury in health care

Today's health care workers hold undeniably risky positions, and numerous parts of the job description regularly expose them to illness or injury. While some of the risks today's health care workers face stem from working near ill and violent patients and violent patient family members or loved ones, others stem from moving patients unable to move themselves.

What are your employer's obligations for workers' compensation?

Many of our readers in Colorado may have the vague notion that if they are injured on-the-job they have some legal protections in place to help them get through the situation, namely workers' compensation benefits. However, what exactly are your employer's obligations when it comes to workers' compensation?

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