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Workplace hazards in nursing and their effects on the job

While the profession may look different from one role to another, depending on their assignments, many nurses are at risk simply by showing up for their daily shifts. These hazards can impact everyday job duties and, in many ways, even put nurses out of work for extended periods. If you are a nurse putting in demanding hours for the sake of the others' health, it may help you to understand the various ways hazards may affect you and your profession in the long-term.

Turbulence leads to injury for airline attendants

Airline attendants have many occupational risks not faced by other industries. Air travel is considered fairly safe, but there are conditions which cause working conditions to be unsafe. Turbulence, the air movement that causes a bumpy ride, may be uncomfortable and inconvenient for passengers, but it is highly dangerous for flight attendants. Most incidents of turbulence occur when the plane is above 30,000 feet, but it can occur even when the sky is clear and the plane is below 30,000 feet

Construction zone accidents on the rise

Roadside construction zones are among the more serious hazards facing motorists. Accidents in these areas are increasingly common and can result from many factors. Often, construction zone car crashes happen because someone was careless or made a mistake, whether it was a fellow motorist, a construction worker or the company in charge of planning. If you are a worker at such a site or a driver passing one, there are several sources of danger to watch out for.

Car accidents and traumatic brain injury

A traumatic brain injury typically happens when a person suffers an impact to the head. According to the CDC, car accidents are among the leading causes of TBI, frequently leading to hospitalization and even death. If you were in a motor vehicle accident and believe you may have hit your head, you should consider the possibility that you may have sustained a brain injury. It is important to understand the causes and symptoms in order to get proper medical care as soon as possible.

Legalized marijuana and the car accident rate

Colorado became one of the first states to legalize marijuana for recreational use, but there were some stipulations. One of those was that people could not drive while high because they would be impaired. But what does that mean, and when does that impairment actually come into play?

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