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Common excuses insurers have for denying hail insurance

On Behalf of | Sep 18, 2019 | Hail Damage |

Insurance companies in Denver have their work cut out for them when a major storm hits the city. Suddenly they start getting hundreds of calls from homeowners wanting to file a claim after the hail put dents all over their roofs. Since filing these claims typically have a limited amount of time, it’s important for you to act fast so you can get coverage on your hail damages as soon as you can.

Unfortunately, some insurance companies make it harder to get that coverage than they initially promised. They typically send someone to inspect your roof to determine if you’re eligible for storm compensation. If you can see that there is clear damage to your house that they are refusing to help you cover, you should know what common excuses they may use to justify their actions and what you can do in response.

Pre-storm damage

Even when it’s hard to deny that your house took a beating after the storm, the insurance company will still look for some loophole to avoid paying for repairs. If they note that the roof had any major issues going on with it before the storm hit such as leaks or rust, they can use that against you. They will tell you that you should have filed a claim earlier and that the storm damage wouldn’t have been so bad if you had done that.

Additionally, they may find other weaknesses within your roof’s structure that aren’t really your fault. They could tell you that the contractor that built your house didn’t properly install the roof or that your roof is too old and isn’t worth repairing at the stage it is in. Most homeowner companies suggest replacing the roof when it is around 15 to 20 years old. If your house is younger than that, then there may be something suspicious behind their reasoning.

“Cosmetic damage doesn’t count”

It’s important to review your contract to see what specifically your insurance covers after a hail storm. One of the most common reasons that these claims are denied is when a company says that they don’t cover “cosmetic damage.” This essentially means that they won’t cover you if all you see is a couple of dents and scratches on your roof’s surface. They focus more on interior damage and if the storm affects how your house functions.

If they failed to inform you of this policy in some fashion before you signed the papers, you can hold them responsible for it in court. Earlier this year, a Texas couple successfully sued Allstate for fraud and received $1.5 million after they proved that Allstate did not inform them of the cosmetic exclusion in their policies. The company implemented the exclusion after the couple signed up for the plan.

With how deliberate some Denver companies can get in their insurance policies for hail damages, you’ll need some experienced legal assistance if you want to hold your insurer responsible for bad faith.



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