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March 2019 Archives

Workplace accident kills Colorado DOT employee

Like any municipality, Colorado roads needs maintenance work. Workers who do this type of work are in danger just by being near traffic. Although accidents happen, no one is expecting to be injured on the job. In some cases, the injuries result in the need for workers' compensation benefits to cover medical expenses and lost wages. In others, the injuries are so severe that the person dies. People who have lost a loved one in a work accident should be cognizant of how to receive workers' compensation death benefits.

Colorado law enforcement officer injured in car crash

Colorado workers can be injured on the job in any vocation. Of course, people who work in risky occupations have a greater chance of being injured or losing their lives in a workplace accident. However, just like anyone else, these individuals need workers' compensation benefits to cover what was lost in a work accident.

TBI symptoms may not appear immediately after a car crash

Roadways in the metro area seem to get more crowded every day. Whether your commute takes you on I-25, I-70, Colorado Boulevard or a different roadway, you must drive defensively to avoid a car wreck. If you collide with another vehicle, though, you may face a long road to recovery. 

Maximizing workers' compensation requires legal assistance

When Denver residents head to work, the last thing they expect is to be injured on the job and suddenly face the need to receive workers' compensation benefits. Unfortunately, this happens every day across the nation. A workplace accident does not discriminate and can happen to anyone, regardless of what kind of work they do. This is as true for people in dangerous jobs like law enforcement, firefighters and construction workers as it is for those who are employed in jobs that are sedentary and are generally perceived as safe. After a work injury, legal advice is imperative to maximize workers' compensation benefits.

Research shows pedestrian-auto accidents increasing

Pedestrians in Denver, throughout Colorado and across the United States must be on guard to avoid being injured in a collision with a vehicle. The dangers that pedestrians face goes beyond simply being hit in an auto accident. The litany of issues people face after a pedestrian-auto accident are many and can cause substantial disruptions in a person's life if they are injured. Often, however, a pedestrian crash results in injuries so severe that the victim dies. Researchers are proactive in their attempts to identify the source of the problem and formulate solutions. Recently, a new study was released showing that there was been a statistical worsening in pedestrian fatalities.

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