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What is the workers’ compensation law for notifying employers?

On Behalf of | Dec 20, 2018 | Workers' Compensation |

Colorado workers who are injured in a workplace accident will have many concerns in the aftermath of the incident. While their primary concern should be getting medical treatment as quickly as possible and seeking to get better, they must remember that there are certain reporting requirements to ensure they get their workers’ compensation benefits. Failure to adhere to the law can negatively impact a workers’ compensation case and prevent the worker from getting the maximum benefits in a timely fashion. When there is a problem with anything related to workers’ compensation, having legal help is imperative.

When an employee is injured, the employer must be notified in writing that it occurred within four days. If an employee cannot do so physically or mentally, then there are others – the manager, a person in charge, a superintendent, a foreman – who can do so in the employee’s stead. Others who are aware of the injury can also give the employer written notice. If that is the case, the employee is not obligated to give the notice him or herself.

If the employee does not inform the employer of the injury in writing, there could be the penalty of losing one day of workers’ compensation benefits for every day in which there was a failure to report. Another factor that will be considered is if the employer has not displayed a notice that lists the rules that workers are required to follow when there has been an accident with injury. This must be present or the rules for employees and notification are not in effect.

Being injured on the job can be a worrisome time for employees. They will miss work, need medical care and have concerns over their long-term future. Depending on the extent of the injury, they could be confronted with the inability to work over a long period of time and might never be able to get back to their old position. Workers’ compensation benefits are designed to help these workers. One of the most problematic situations workers can face is if there is a dispute over whether the employer was informed in a timely fashion. For this or any other issue related to workers’ compensation, having legal help is key and a law firm that focuses on these cases can be vital.



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