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November 2018 Archives

Alleged wrong-way DWI crash ejects and kills passenger

With the holiday season just starting in Denver and across Colorado, there will be people on the road at all hours of the day and night. Some will be doing their shopping and getting ready for the inevitable parties that are part of the time from Thanksgiving through New Year's.

The best mobile apps for car accidents

It can be difficult to know what steps you should take after a car crash. Suddenly, you must deal with the aftermath of a collision, including exchanging information and documenting the incident. These can be stressful tasks to accomplish as you assess your injuries and damage to your car.

Crash between car and RTD bus injures four people

Motor vehicle accidents can happen without warning in Denver and across Colorado. For those who are riding in a personal vehicle, they need to be completely aware of their surroundings and bear in mind the possibility that they might encounter a reckless driver, a driver under the influence or a distracted driver and be in a crash. Any motor vehicle accident -- even when it involves public transportation -- can cause significant damage to those involved. When this happens, it might be necessary to consider a legal filing for compensation.

Can I work part-time if I am getting workers' compensation?

Not all Colorado workers who have been injured on the job in a workplace accident or who are suffering from an occupational disease will be completely unable to work for the entire time they are recovering. For many, they can recover incrementally and begin working part-time. However, a common concern they will have is if they can continue getting workers' compensation benefits to account for the wages they have lost by not working full-time and will still receive coverage for medical expenses. Understanding how returning to work part-time is handled is key to a case.

Hit-and-run collision between pickup and motorcycle kills rider

Motorcyclists in Denver and throughout Colorado know they face major risks when they take to the roads. Still, they enjoy the activity and put their faith in other drivers adhering to the law and making certain they keep an eye on riders to ensure that everyone is safe. Unfortunately, accidents will happen. With the vulnerability of motorcyclists, any wreck can lead to catastrophic injuries and death. Those impacted should remember their rights to seek compensation in a legal filing.

Teen fatal auto accident study shows an unexpected danger

Experienced drivers in Denver and throughout Colorado will be concerned when encountering a teen driver. Younger drivers lack the experience to handle all situations and be fully prepared to what they are inevitably going to face on the road. Studies examine the common issues with teens behind the wheel. And, a new one from AAA indicates that teens could be distracted and have a fatal accident not because of a device, but also because of having another teen in the vehicle with them.

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