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July 2018 Archives

Driver negligence in accidents with child bicyclists

A recent post here on our Denver personal injury law blog discussed an incident in which a driver struck and injured a bicyclist. Bike accidents are all too common in Denver, and one type of accident in particular: accidents involving child bicyclists.

3 ways insurance companies manipulate injured workers

Getting injured on the job can be painful, inconvenient and stressful. No matter how severe your injury is, you are likely facing time off for your recovery, potential lost wages and the accumulation of medical bills. Luckily, your employer's workers' comp insurance should cover your treatment and a portion of your lost wages. Getting benefits is often not as easy as you might hope, though.

Why insurers deny workers' comp claims

After you sustained a workplace injury or developed a work-related condition, you may be relying on receiving Colorado workers' compensation benefits. Unfortunately, some injured workers receive a claim denial instead.

Driver sentenced for drunk driving accident with bicyclist

Sometimes, drivers get behind the wheel while under the influence thinking that they will be okay. They think that they are still sober enough to stay in their lane and to avoid other vehicles. But alcohol affects a driver's response time and judgment in such a way that drunk driving accidents can occur in almost any set of circumstances.

Is the truck driver always at fault in a truck accident? (Part 2)

Truck drivers and trucking companies have a number of responsibilities, including special training for drivers, vehicle maintenance and responsible management policies, above and beyond those of passenger vehicle drivers. Negligence in any of these areas will likely indicate that the driver or company bears some liability when a truck accident occurs. However, passenger vehicle drivers may also bear some liability if they contribute to the accident through unsafe driving practices.

Common hazards for nursing home workers

Much of the negativity toward nursing homes, assisted living facilities and similar establishments focuses on the abuse and neglect the elderly experience at the hands of staff members. While this certainly does happen, just as common is the danger these places pose to workers themselves.

Is the truck driver always at fault in a truck accident? (Part 1)

We often make mention here on our Denver personal injury law blog of the dangers that semi-trucks and inattentive truck drivers pose to other motorists on our roads and highways. If for no other reason than their sheer size and weight compared to a passenger vehicle, trucks have the potential to do significantly greater damage in the event of a truck accident.

What to do when a missing street sign causes a car accident

Car accidents are not always clear-cut. Sometimes multiple factors played into a wreck, such as one tragic incident several months ago in Colorado when a high school student missed a curve, causing his vehicle to roll. Deputies later said a sign warning drivers about the curve was not in place at the time of the crash.

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