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When multiple parties are at fault in an auto accident (Part 2)

Sometimes it's crystal clear which party is responsible for causing a car crash. Other times, it may be that multiple parties involved in an auto accident all bear some responsibility. How does a Colorado court decide how to award damages in such a situation?

Understanding sideswipe collisions

When one vehicle collides with the side of another car, the official report generally classifies it as a sideswipe collision. The public may not focus on these accidents as much as rear-end and head-on collisions, but they result in a significant number of total accidents each year. In fact, around 104,000 Americans sustained injuries from sideswipe collisions in 2015 alone, according to data from the Insurance Information Institute.

4 ways to prevent workplace back injuries

Back injuries are prevalent in the workplace. Many Denver area employees do not realize that their employers are not solely responsible for keeping safe and injury-free while at work; workers must also practice responsible and acceptable behavior while on the job to prevent back injuries. 

When multiple parties are at fault in an auto accident

Whose fault was it? This is likely to be one of the first questions Denver residents hear after a motor vehicle accident. Sometimes, the answer is not in dispute, but other times it could be that both drivers were guilty of some level of negligent behavior.

What if you can't go back to work after a workplace accident?

A serious accident on the job can leave workers with injuries that change their lives forever. While many recover and eventually return to work, this is not always the case. Some workers will need vocational rehabilitation - that is, assistance in finding new employment with requirements that they are able to perform. How can the Colorado Division of Vocational Rehabilitation help these individuals?

Can you be seen by NPs for workers' comp?

Nurse practitioners perform many of the same functions that doctors do. For example, like a doctor can, an NP in Colorado may diagnose and treat patients and prescribe medication as long as the NP's initial supervisory period has been completed. Colorado also recognizes NPs as primary care providers. That said, workers' compensation is an issue that perhaps requires even more care and attention to detail because of the documentation involved. It is also important that correct diagnoses be made.

Denver area construction worker injured in air duct fall

Denver residents have only to pass by a typical construction site to get a sense of the risks that construction workers face on the job. From towering scaffolds to heavy machinery and electrical wiring, the possibilities for a workplace accident are numerous, and only increase as the scope of the construction project grows.

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