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4 things people do that ruin workers’ comp claims

On Behalf of | Mar 14, 2018 | Workers' Compensation |

Colorado’s workers’ compensation laws have been on the books since 1915. They came about as a result of the Industrial Revolution to protect workers while also setting limits to the employer’s liability.

Many employees in the United States rely on workers’ comp, but some people make mistakes that ruin their claims. If you make one of these common mistakes, you could end up receiving less than you should or no benefits at all.

1. Failing to receive immediate medical attention

A lot races through your mind after an injury. You may not even realize the full extent of your injuries until days or weeks later. Perhaps you just want to walk it off and get back to work. After an accident, even if it does not seem that severe, you want to see a doctor. If you wait, then you damage your claim and may not get any benefits.

2. Failing to go back to work if the doctor tells you

Your injuries may prevent you from doing your regular job, but the doctor could tell you that you can still work with different responsibilities. You want to return to work if your doctor says it is all right. By law, your employer needs to find a position for you suitable for your current condition.

3. Doing tasks your doctor told you to avoid

Conversely, your doctor may tell you to avoid certain activities, such as lifting heavy objects. An insurance adjuster may keep an eye on you during the claims process to determine the extent of your injuries. If the adjuster sees you carrying out various physical activities against the doctor’s wishes, then you can lose your claim.

4. Failing to be honest with your lawyer

You want to tell your attorney absolutely everything related to your case. This includes prior medical conditions, financial problems in your past and alcohol use. Your attorney is there to assist you. A lawyer can prepare adequately for any potential problems in your case as long as you are honest.



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