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Vehicle accidents can cause catastrophic injuries

On Behalf of | Sep 20, 2017 | Car Accidents |

A vehicle accident can affect a Denver driver in any number of ways. It may be a simple “fender bender” that causes the victim to lose some time and expend some energy in order to repair their vehicle and deal with their insurance claims. It may be a more serious collision that leaves the victim feeling sore and requires a visit to the doctor and a treatment plan in order to recuperate. However, as many of our readers know, some accidents are significantly worse and can cause victims to suffer serious injuries that can threaten their mobility, their ability to communicate and, in some cases, their very lives.

The injuries that victims may suffer in automobile accidents can range from minor to fatal. It is not uncommon for individuals in this unfortunate position to suffer head and back injuries; the jerking motion that a victim’s body may suffer in a crash can cause serious damage to their spinal cord and can also result in traumatic brain injury if their head makes contact with a solid portion of their vehicle’s interior.

Torso and neck injuries can also be quite common. The pressure of a victim’s seatbelt stopping their body in an impact can cause the victim to crack ribs and suffer significant bruising and pain. Whiplash is another common problem that accident victims may endure as their heads snap and necks strain during crashes.

Victims of car accidents can experience damage to their appendages, their organs and practically all of the other parts of their bodies. They may also suffer emotional injuries from their involvement in vehicle accidents, and these and other losses can be compensable as damages when victims choose to protect their rights and pursue legal claims based on the negligence of the responsible drivers.



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