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Nurses with work-related injuries may have rights to compensation

On Behalf of | Aug 17, 2017 | Workers' Compensation |

Individuals who enter the nursing profession often do so out of a desire to help others and serve those who are in need. Many Denver hospitals and doctors’ offices are made better by the kind and considerate care offered by the nurses who staff them. Nurses are medical professionals who work long hours and perform difficult tasks so that others may feel better and recuperate from their ailments.

Unfortunately, though, many nurses suffer ailments themselves. By virtue of the physical nature of their jobs, many nurses suffer injuries to their backs, necks, and other parts of their bodies as they work with patients and move them from place to place. Quite recently, this personal injury legal blog discussed how nurses who utilize safe practices can still suffer strain injuries when helping patients at the nurses’ places of employment.

When nurses are hurt on the job, they may find themselves unable to serve their patients and unable to complete the important tasks they have been given by their employers. If they have to take time off of work to recuperate, they may lose income and opportunities to earn money through their employers. Nurses’ workplace accidents may take them away from the job they love and limit their opportunities to financially support their families.

The workplace accidents that take nurses away from their jobs are, in some cases, compensable through workers’ compensation. The Law Offices of W. Dan Mahoney are available to consult with nursing professionals who have suffered injuries while performing their work-related duties and who wish to seek financial compensation for the losses they suffered while off of work. To learn more about attorney Mahoney and the firm’s workers’ compensation practice please visit us through our workers’ compensation webpage.



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