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Most common workplace injuries in the health care industry

On Behalf of | Jul 11, 2017 | Workers' Compensation |

Nurses and other health care professionals provide a valuable service to the people of Denver and people all over the country. However, this job is not without its risks. There are certain injuries people working in hospitals are more prone to receiving than others in the workforce.

While everyone hopes never to have to go through a personal injury case, it is vital to prepare. Part of this involves knowing who to turn to in the event a workplace accident occurs. Another part involves knowing what injuries are most common in the industry in order to take proper precautions.


Violence is far too prevalent in hospitals. Patients are not always cooperative. Additionally, there are patients’ family members and friends who are struck with grief and get combative.

Medical facilities are often the target of robberies and other acts of violence. Robbers will enter the facility to attempt to steal drugs and medical supplies. A sharp spike in hospital violence occurred between 2013 and 2014. Sometimes these events are the result of an aggravated former employee, while other times they are the result of someone who has no affiliation with the facility.

Repetitive stress injuries

Nursing aids, attendants and orderlies are most likely to experience these types of injuries. They end up affecting the musculoskeletal system because the workers are conducting the same motion for hours at a time for days on end. Additionally, musculoskeletal injuries can occur from improperly lifting equipment and patients. People who routinely perform the same task should take regular breaks and never overexert themselves.

Slips and falls

Most businesses are prone to slip-and-fall accidents. Liquids can spill, and people can fall to the ground as a result, injuring themselves in the process. The best way to prevent these cases is to ensure regular cleaning of the facility. Spills should have a sign adequately displayed so that everyone in the vicinity is aware of the danger.

All these events can lead to wounds of varying degrees. Typical injuries include broken bones, slipped discs and infections. While health care workers should do their best to minimize risk, personal injury lawyers are available to help when accidents happen.



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