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Why is whiplash such a common car accident injury?

Vehicle accidents can run the gamut of minor fender benders, to serious collisions that can claim Denver residents' lives. Even in the most minor collisions, victims may walk away from their incidents feeling sore and tense due in part to the unexpected jolt they receive when their vehicles are hit. One common car accident injury that many people experience is whiplash, and this post will explore why whiplash happens and what symptoms it may present.

Trucker drivers' hours of service must be recorded in driving log

When Denver residents get behind the wheels of their cars, their ability to drive for as long as they want is generally limited only by their levels of focus and energy. This is not the case for truck drivers, however, who, in most cases, must comply with hours of service limitations. Hours of service driving limits can cut off the number of hours that truck drivers are behind the wheels of their rigs even if they think they feel well enough to continue.

Street sweeper collides with SUV in deadly accident

Readers may expect that individuals who drive for a living are more careful and less prone to accidents than everyone else. While this might be true in some cases, all drivers can make life-threatening mistakes and misjudgments when they are behind the wheels of their cars, trucks, or work vehicles. Recently, a tragic accident occurred in Colorado that claimed one life when the driver of a municipal vehicle made a fatal error.

Most common workplace injuries in the health care industry

Nurses and other health care professionals provide a valuable service to the people of Denver and people all over the country. However, this job is not without its risks. There are certain injuries people working in hospitals are more prone to receiving than others in the workforce.

Drinking and driving over the holiday can lead to serious losses

Many Denver residents are able to take time off from work during the Fourth of July week to enjoy the parades and parties that often occur when the nation celebrates its birthday. Unfortunately, some who choose to celebrate Independence Day do so by consuming alcohol and then making the dangerous decision to get behind the wheels of their cars. Drinking and driving is never a good combination, but often occurs with more frequency when holiday-related celebrations are underway.

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