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December 2016 Archives

Campaign aims to keep drunk drivers off Colorado roads

Because drunk drivers place all road users in grave danger, it is completely appropriate that our state's laws mete out very serious penalties for those who are convicted of DUI. It is no secret that every year drunk drivers are responsible for far too many accidents on the roadways of Colorado. Yet, in spite of all of the public awareness programs produced by such entities as Mothers Against Drunk Driving and the Colorado Department of Transportation, people are still getting behind the wheel while intoxicated.

Are you suffering from PTSD? Workers' comp may be available.

Unfortunately, mental stress is part of many work environments. In some cases, mental unease can translate into a more serious affliction, such as post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). PTSD tends to be more common for workers exposed to traumatic situations. As with other mental health conditions, the laws about workers' compensation and PTSD can be complex. Many people can also have trouble differentiating PTSD symptoms from regular levels of stress or unhappiness.

An on-the-job back injury could call for a variety of treatments

There are any number of ways you could severely hurt your back at work. Perhaps the most common cause of work-related spinal injuries is lifting something heavy or lifting while in an awkward position. But you could also suffer a spinal injury when slipping or taking a fall. Moreover, a spinal condition could develop over time due to repetitive tasks that involve bending over or even sitting in a position that puts constant strain on your back.

Skimping on insurance can cost you in the long run

Unfortunately, when it comes to choosing auto insurance, there is no one option that works for everyone. This means that when it comes time to purchase a policy, it is a good idea to explore all of your available alternatives. Simply using price as your primary guideline could be a very bad mistake, as you may not get the kind of coverage that you really need. And the worst time to realize that your policy or the company you chose is lacking is after you file a claim.

How alcohol affects driving skills

Everyone knows that drunk driving is not safe. Almost one third of traffic fatalities in the United States can be attributed to impaired drivers. This is because alcohol affects areas of human functioning that are essential to driving safely. While some people may downplay the effect alcohol has on them and claim that they are fine to drive, the biological mechanisms of alcohol impairment work the same for all human beings.

Truck accident becoming more prevalent on our roads

When driving, do you clutch the steering wheel a bit tighter when in proximity to a big rig truck? If so, that likely means you have a justifiable anxiety about having to share the roads with these mammoth vehicles. It takes only a glance to see that a collision with a truck could have devastating consequences.

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