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November 2016 Archives

AAA representative provides helpful driving tips for the holidays

It's the holidays! This is the time of year that offers so many opportunities for fun with friends and family. Perhaps your plans include driving somewhere to share a Thanksgiving meal. Or maybe you are looking forward to doing some traveling during the Christmas or New Year's holidays. But along with the anticipation, you may also be feeling some apprehension because you know that holiday driving can at times be a nightmare.

Four reckless driving behaviors

Reckless driving is a major cause of automobile accidents and injuries on the road. There are several types of behavior that signal reckless driving. Avoid falling into the trap of engaging in these behaviors. If you see other drivers on the road doing any of these things, the best way to keep yourself safe is to stay as far away from them as possible.

Hearing loss is the greatest injury threat to workers

Every day, workers are exposed to a myriad of on-the-job hazards. Many of these hazards are obvious, and typically workers will take special precautions to protect themselves. But the most common type of work-related injury does not result from a single traumatic event, such as a fall from a ladder or scaffold. Rather, the injury that is most prevalent among American workers is far more subtle.

A shocking percentage of drivers are uninsured

One of the most serious problems facing car owners is the prevalence of uninsured and underinsured drivers using our public roadways. And while it is a legal requirement in almost every state to carry at least some measure of auto insurance, far too many people opt to hit the streets lacking coverage. This poses serious problems for those who are in accidents caused by uninsured drivers. If a liable driver lacks coverage, then it is the victim who is left to cover all the expenses generated by the accident.

Car accidents and traumatic brain injury

A traumatic brain injury typically happens when a person suffers an impact to the head. According to the CDC, car accidents are among the leading causes of TBI, frequently leading to hospitalization and even death. If you were in a motor vehicle accident and believe you may have hit your head, you should consider the possibility that you may have sustained a brain injury. It is important to understand the causes and symptoms in order to get proper medical care as soon as possible.

Vicarious liability and negligent entrustment in car accidents

Being in a car accident can lead to injuries for all those involved. Sometimes you might even have to pay compensation to the other driver. However, sometimes you might be held responsible for an accident even if you were not physically present at the scene. If a vehicle registered in your name is in an accident, you could be held accountable. This is why you should always be careful about who drives your car.

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