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What if the drunk driver who hit me did not get convicted?

It is rare for people to not figure tomorrow into their every day. We get up in the morning and go to work, not because working eight hours will fulfill our desires for the day, but instead for tomorrow, for the earnings, for the retirement one day. You don't go to the store and buy the food item you are hungry for now and nothing else. But what if, in going about the tasks that cover you for tomorrow you are taken out of your daily equation today?

Colorado storms bring more than leaks

After seasonal storms grew in intensity to bring with them hail, roof-damaged homeowners in Colorado may now be looking for repairs. Where there is necessity, there is demand and where there is demand, there so often is an influx of contractors rushing to answer that cry. However, in the rush to procure jobs, many unscrupulous companies join the mix and may bid on your business with an attractively low asking price for the work's completion.

Distracted driving accidents on the rise on Denver roadways

Distracted drivers are the cause of more accidents than ever across the Nation, and the Denver highways are no exception. For example, since the beginning of 2016, 318 lives were lost on Denver highways, and distracted drivers caused many of those reported accidents. The Colorado Department of Transportation reported a 16 percent increase in distracted driver crashes over the past four years. 

When you cannot protect yourself

After you have been injured on the job or even when you were not at work and were involved in a car accident, you may find you are struggling to recover. In those days and weeks following your injury, your family also has to change their day-to-day routine to make up for the loss of income you once brought in and on which they once relied. Someone also has to care for you as you work to get better.

Family of 5 en route to Colorado killed by truck

Big dreams were in front of a family of five on their way to Colorado. The mother and father were both in their late twenties, with three young and beautiful children to be proud of. The youngest child was only a couple of months old. The family was on their way to learn a language as well as learn to assimilate to life in a new culture, because after their stop in Colorado they were on their way to Japan where they were committed to working as Christian missionaries.

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