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We do not ever go to work with the expectation that we will be hurt while performing our basic job duties. And yet injuries suffered in just such a way happen routinely in the state of Colorado and throughout the nation. Because of this common cause of suffering, and the responsibility that falls on the employer, workers’ compensation is a standard offered to qualifying employees. It serves to protect not only the injured but the employer as well.

As protection for the worker who suffers, employers are required to pay for this insurance coverage that provides compensation for medical expenses as well as a degree of wage replacement for temporary disability when workers are made ill through occupational diseases or are injured while working. Workers’ compensation can also provide long-term financial benefits to those who are eligible.

One important thing to keep in mind is that the benefits you are owed depend on what laws were in effect when you were injured. There are also time limits associated with filing claims for workers’ compensation, so if you want to maximize the amount you receive, you may benefit from working with a personal injury lawyer. A Colorado attorney well-versed in workers’ compensation cases can assess what amount you are owed in compensation through workers’ comp insurance benefits as well as any additional damages you may be awarded based on the circumstances of your specific illness or injury. You should not suffer from the job you do; it is your employer’s job to protect you, and if they should fail, it is their job to compensate you.



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