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July 2016 Archives

Workers' compensation is your right

We do not ever go to work with the expectation that we will be hurt while performing our basic job duties. And yet injuries suffered in just such a way happen routinely in the state of Colorado and throughout the nation. Because of this common cause of suffering, and the responsibility that falls on the employer, workers' compensation is a standard offered to qualifying employees. It serves to protect not only the injured but the employer as well.

"Pokemon Go" game leading to increase in accidents

The nation is witnessing a rise in accidents associated with Pokemon Go, the newest video gaming craze. Pokemon was originally popular with children in the 1990s, and the new game is an app that is popular on mobile phones. Many people are playing the game, and they are staying focused on their phones even when behind the wheel.

Protect yourself against the underinsured

Chances are, if you are in Colorado and are involved in a multi-vehicle accident, one of the other vehicles will be driven by someone who is either an uninsured motorist or an underinsured motorist. This is because of all the states in the US, Colorado has one of the higher rates of motorists operating vehicles without adequate insurance. Motorists can protect themselves from such an event by including coverage against those drivers within their insurance plan. In fact, many policies already have some sort of coverage for this.

Fighting insurance with assurance

Wouldn't it be ideal to have inside knowledge of the type of tactics an insurance company employs when defending itself against claims that come in from the very people who pay to be insured? To know with near-certainty that your claim will be paid and you will be compensated financially in the wake of a tragedy?

Repeat offender kills cyclist and flees scene

Many cyclists face dangers during their rides. They take to roadways, navigating foothills, finding scenic spots or hitting more challenging paths in order to prove their abilities and attain a sense of accomplishment. But these roadways are wrought with danger as distracted motorists become an increasingly common problem.

Truck driver faces four counts of manslaughter

It really is disconcerting to have to share the highway alongside semi trucks. If you have ever been anywhere near an 18-wheeler when it has a tire blowout, you have probably felt true terror. Not only is a blown tire on a semi loud, it can be life-threatening to the comparatively minuscule vehicles around it.

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