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June 2016 Archives

One officer pleads to society to combat drunk driving

A recent article in the Coloradoan features a sheriff's deputy in Larimer County who also happens to be the top enforcer for the DUI Enforcement Unit. The officer got hooked on driving under the influence investigations and arrests since 2002 when he shadowed an enforcement officer for the DUI division. Since then he has made 750 DUI arrests and 200 in the last full calendar year alone.

Am I eligible for workers' compensation?

If your job is labor-intensive and you find yourself required to do the same thing countless times a day, using repetitive motion, you may develop a stress-related injury. If you currently work or in the past have worked around any number of chemicals, compounds, dust, fumes or vapors without proper safety masks and adequate ventilation, you may develop an occupational illness.

Summer driving safety important for teens

Keeping teens safe over the summer can be a challenge. School is out and many teens want to borrow the car and head out to have all kinds of adventures with their friends. There's nothing wrong with that, as long as they can do it responsibly.

A woman dies in a Colorado accident involving a semi-truck

Any time a car and a semi-truck collide, the results are almost guaranteed to be catastrophic in nature. It's an unfortunate reality that passenger vehicles must share the roads with vehicles far more powerful but with a greater limitation to visibility and typically far more blind spots.

What if the at-fault driver in a crash doesn’t have insurance?

Car accidents cost the country approximately $871 billion a year. As you might imagine, insurance companies are not too thrilled with having to pay even a percentage of that cost. Even if they have to pay out 1 percent of that total, that’s still over $8 billion a year that out of their profits. 

A darker meaning to Memorial Day

Holidays should be times of celebration and festivities, even a holiday such as Memorial Day, when we remember those who have given their lives for our country. For the families of those who were victims of alcohol-related accidents each Memorial Day, the holiday has taken a deeper, darker meaning.

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