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What should you do if you are caught up in a car crash?

If you become involved in an accident in Colorado, there are several steps that you should take as soon as possible. It may seem like a lot to think about when you are likely to be feeling shaken up by the traumatic event. However, injuries and damage to your vehicle can create a significant financial burden. To give yourself the best chance of tackling this, it is important to act quickly.

Initially, you will need to ensure that the accident has been reported to the police and that you have made a note of the specific details of the crash. This includes the time and date, weather conditions and how many vehicles were involved. If you can photograph the scene, that could also be very useful.

It is also important to collect the details of anyone else involved in the accident. Contact details for witnesses should be noted, as should the name, address and insurance details of any other drivers involved in the crash. In general, you will need to report the crash to your insurance company within 24 hours.

However, as this article on insurance claims explains, if fault for the accident lies with someone else, both insurance companies would need to be contacted. But what if they are uninsured, or their plan does not cover the extent of the damage? Fortunately, many insurance policies include a clause to cover such circumstances.

Even so, insurance providers will often do all they can to reduce the payout they make to you. An attorney could be helpful in this situation as he or she can challenge your insurance provider and may be able to help you secure a fairer award for your accident.

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