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October 2013 Archives

Courts split on NIED claims in Uninsured/Underinsured motorist cases

When a motor vehicle accident occurs, both physical and mental-emotional harm can result to victims. Even those who don’t suffer any physical harm in a car accident may suffer mental-emotional harm.

Car fire raises concerns about car fires among public

While electric vehicles have generally received good scores in government tests for front and side crashes, a recent incident on a Seattle-area freeway has raised concerns about the safety of these vehicles in actual roadway use, concerns which don’t necessarily get caught in laboratory testing.

Government shutdown will not affect FMCSA

Readers have likely heard by now of the partial government shutdown due to disagreements over President Obama’s health care law. One aspect of the federal government that will be spared from the shutdown is federal truck safety programs. While other Transportation Department activities will be cut back, Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration activities will suffer not immediate impact.

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