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July 2013 Archives

NTSB investigation reveals violation of safety regulations

The National Transportation Safety Board—the agency responsible for investigating and reporting aviation accidents, ship and marine accidents, railroad accidents, and some types of highway accidents involving motor vehicles—recently completed its investigation of a New Jersey accident that took place last year. That accident, which involved a school bus and a Mack truck, took the life of one student, and injured numerous students on the bus.

Road rage a leading cause of car accidents

A man involved in an accident that left a Boulder man injured will reportedly not be charged after an investigation revealed that he stopped his vehicle to avoid another car and not because of road rage. He had initially been accused of road rage after passing three professional triathletes who were riding together, pulling in front of them and causing one of them to crash into his vehicle and flip over his handlebars.

Automobile insurance and uninsured/underinsured drivers

As our readers know, automobile insurance is a critical part of being a driver in our society. By law, most states require drivers to have certain types of coverage with minimum limits. Drivers may, of course, carry extra coverage—and this is not a bad idea. Each driver needs to decide for him- or herself how much coverage to purchase on his or her vehicles.

New hours-of-service rule implemented for truckers

On Monday, new federal regulations intended to reduce the occurrence of truck accidents caused by driver fatigue were imposed upon commercial carriers. The new regulations will reduce the maximum average workweek for truck drivers from 82 hours to 70 hours and require commercial carriers to take at least one 30-minute break during the first eight hours of a shift.

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