Verdicts & Settlements

Effective Representation In A Wide Range Of Injury Cases

The largest jury verdict Dan Mahoney obtained was when a jury in U.S. District Court awarded his clients $2.4 million dollars for the wrongful death of their parent and the cover-up by the City's police chief and detective.

Most claims are resolved through settlement with the insurance company in both accident injury and worker's compensation incidents. Some claims are resolved before a lawsuit is filed and in others a lawsuit is filed and then the claim is resolved.

Listed below are some cases Dan Mahoney has settled since 2007. Workers' compensation claims and product liability claims are listed separately. [Not included are many of the more modest automobile accidents and worker's compensation claims that involve lesser property damages and injuries.]

2019 Cases and Claim results:

Workers Compensation Claims

Case #1

  • Medical technician hurt back while moving office Equipment. Nonsurgical back treatment with ongoing discomfort settled for $50,000.
  • Construction worker fell at jobsite injuring wrist needing surgical repair. Claim resolved for $52,000.
  • Service worker at the Denver City Park injured back moving a cabinet. Non-surgical back treatment with ongoing discomfort settled for $48,500.
  • Grocery store worker injured ankle that had trouble healing. Settled claim for $70,000.

Auto Accident and Premises Liability claims

Case #1

  • Driver injured in intersection collision where other driver ran a red light causing injured arm which needed surgical repair. Case settled for $95,000.
  • Driver rear ended at a stoplight. Collison caused broken leg bone, but surgical repair not needed. Claim resolved for $87,000.
  • Out of state car crash where passenger injured when at fault driver turned left in front of client’s car at an intersection, causing broken arm, that was surgically repaired, and back pain resolved for $180,000.
  • Slip and fall injury at health club that failed to address known wet pathway on tile floor causing broken hip and surgical repair. Case settled for $125,000.
  • Hospital failed to sand or salt an icy ramp into a hospital where client was going for treatment causing client to slip and fall breaking ankle that was treated without surgery. Claim settled for $47,500.

2018 Cases

Automobile Accidents

Case #1

  • Client riding motorcycle had car turn in front of him causing him to lay down his motorcycle to avoid collision
  • Hospitalized for two days for scrapes and abrasions and other soft tissue injuries
  • Claims settled for $100,000

Case #2

  • Client test riding bicycle in parking lot and hit by truck
  • Taken to emergency room where found to have two rib fractures and soft tissue injuries
  • Claim settled for $43,000

Premises Liability

Case #1

  • Internet cable company improperly installed cable across stairs in home
  • Homeowner tripped on cable and fell down stairs injuring neck and shoulder requiring surgery
  • Case settled for $125,000

Case #2

  • Client exiting work building tripped over tool box left by maintenance worker
  • Fell and broke bone in wrist and tore ligaments.
  • Had arthroscopic wrist surgery on tendon
  • Claim settled for $70,00

2017 Cases

Automobile Accidents

Case #1

  • Client was rear ended and hit knee on dashboard.
  • Had arthroscopic surgery on knee
  • Settled for $43,000.

Case #2

  • Elderly client was in rear end accident
  • Ended up having neck surgery
  • Settled for $275,000

Case #3

  • Construction worker hurt on the job while driving in company vehicle to job site
  • Ended up getting back surgery through workers compensation
  • Received $43,000 for permanent impairment of back from workers compensation
  • Settled auto claim for $350,000

Case #4

  • Client stopped at red light and was hit by a truck trailer
  • Had concussion and mild traumatic brain injury
  • Claim settled for $225,000

Case #5

  • Client walking across street and hit by car turning left
  • Had severe leg laceration and mild traumatic brain injury
  • Case settled for $550,000

Worker's Compensation

Case #1

  • Client was a cook at a restaurant at a mountain resort
  • Fell down back the stairs of building injuring back.
  • Had back surgery
  • Received $78,000 impairment award

Case #2

  • Client worked at commercial kitchen making syrups for use by other kitchens
  • Hurt shoulder lifting 50-pound bags of cooking ingredients
  • Claim denied by employer/insurance company, went to hearing
  • Judge awarded cost of past and future medical treatment, lost wage benefits
  • Eventually client settled for $65,000 for permanent impairment

2016 Cases

Automobile Accidents

Case #1

  • Client was getting a suitcase out of her car and was hit by a reckless driver
  • Client's leg was broken and required several surgeries
  • Obtained $300,000 settlement

Case #2

  • Client was hit by a left turning vehicle while driving through an intersection
  • Client sustained soft tissue neck and back injuries, and also required an arthroscopic shoulder repair
  • Obtained $85,000 settlement

Case #3

  • Client was skiing and was hit by another skier, causing client to fall and injure his shoulder.
  • Shoulder injury eventually required surgery.
  • Obtained $95,000 settlement

Case #4

  • Client at a hotel slipped and fell due to separated dance floor pieces.
  • Fall resulted in knee injury that required an arthroscopic knee surgery
  • Obtained $41,000 settlement

Worker's Compensation

Case #1

  • Nurse working in a hospital sustained neck and back injuries due to an unruly patient
  • Obtained $64,500 settlement

Case #2

  • Oil field worker slipped on ice resulting in soft tissue injuries to his back
  • Obtained $30,00 settlement

Case #3

  • Roofer fell off roof while working and injured his neck.
  • Obtained $45,000 settlement

Case #4

  • School teacher injured her neck when she was struck by a student on the playground
  • Injury required years of physical therapy
  • Obtained $45,000 settlement

Case #5

  • Office building superintendent injured her back while working
  • Injury required surgery
  • Obtained $39 ,000 settlement

2015 Cases

Automobile Accidents

Case #1

  • Elderly self-employed machine repairman
  • Rear-ended in auto accident with modest property damage.
  • Soft tissue neck and back injuries - with steroid injections for treatment
  • Obtained $60,000 settlement

Case #2

  • Truck of a first responder was hit while he was helping a motorist with a flat tire
  • Impact pushed him into the guardrail and he suffered serious back injuries
  • Obtained $300,000 settlement

Case #3

  • Auto mechanic was walking into his shop when he was hit by an errant motorist
  • Client sustained knee damage which required surgical repair
  • Obtained $125,000 settlement

Case #4

  • Bicyclist was hit by a motorist turning left into a parking lot
  • Client sustained multiple abrasions that eventually resulted in shoulder surgery.
  • Obtained $145,000 settlement

Case #5

  • Truck taking right of way while turning left in intersection hit client's car
  • Client sustained a broken ankle
  • Obtained $165,000 settlement

Personal Injury Cases

Passenger on a motorcycle was hit by an intoxicated minor driving parent's car without permission. Was able to settle the case for over $300,000.00 in liability and underinsured motorist benefits.

2014 Cases

Personal Injury Cases

Texas vacationer slipped and fell getting out of a hot tub in a rental home in a ski resort in Colorado and broke his ribs. We were able to prove that the hot tub should have had a handrail, and settled the case for $60,000.00.

Father and daughter returning from a school track meet, was hit by an out of control car near Vail, Colorado. Both seriously injured and settled both for $200,000.00 the policy limits.

Semi tractor trailer changing lanes hit a small car, causing it to spin out of control. Our client ended up with a mild traumatic brain injury and settled for $450,000.00.

Client was hit in the head by a gate closing at a parking garage at a casino in Black Hawk. Client had a head injury. Was able to settle the claim for $100,000.00.

Client was riding in the back of a RTD bus and the driver was driving too fast over depression in the roadway, causing client to be thrown up and injure back. Was able to settle for maximum allowed under state statutes of $350,000.00.

Workers Compensation Cases

Factory worker twisted his back lifting boxes and eventually had back surgery. Was able to recover $100,000.00 for permanent partial disability plus payment for all medical treatment and temporary lost wages.

Gravel pit operator fell off a ladder and hurt back. Was able to settle the claim against the uninsured owner for $70,000.00.

2013 Settlements

Claimant was driving on the interstate when her car was smashed by a driver going too fast who lost control of his car. Claimant experienced a loss of consciousness and a head injury. This claim settled for the policy limits of $200,000.

Claimant was in a three-car collision caused by a driver running a stop sign. Claimant required surgery to repair the broken bones in her foot. Dan Mahoney settled the case for $130,000.

Claimant, walking to restaurant with her small child, slipped and fell on ice in the parking lot, injuring her neck and back. This "slip-and-fall" case settled for $45,000.

Claimant was crossing the street when she was hit by an inattentive driver and suffered a broken leg. Claim settled for $75,000.

Claimant was visiting family who lived in an apartment complex, slipped and fell on an icy sidewalk, injuring his ankle. Claimant's injuries necessitated surgical repair of the ankle. Dan Mahoney sued the apartment complex and eventually resolved this case for $48,000.

2012 Settlements

A serious collision occurred when another driver took the right of way and turned in front of Claimant. Claimant began experiencing a head injury including severe headaches that affected his ability to work. The case was settled for $100,000.

Riding in a mountain town, Claimant was struck and thrown from his bicycle when a car ran a stop sign. Claimant was seriously injured and required surgery to repair his hands, arms and leg. This case settled for $350,000.

Claimant's house was damaged by a small fire. The remediation company recommended by Claimant's insurance flooded his basement, with ensuing mold damage. This claim against his insurance company and the remediation company settled for $50,000.

Claimant, driving a minivan, was stopped at a red light when she was rear-ended. Claimant suffered a whiplash injury that required a two-level surgical fusion of her neck vertebrae. This claim settled for the policy limits of the at-fault driver's insurance and Claimant's underinsured motorist policy limits with a combined total of $200,000.

Late one rainy night, Claimant was the front seat passenger in a car when the driver lost control and smashed into retaining walls of the highway. Claimant's injuries included a broken arm that had to be surgically repaired with a rod and screws. Dan Mahoney settled for $140,000, which included claims against the driver and for underinsured motorist benefits.

Claimant was driving on the highway, during the afternoon rush hour when his vehicle was hit from behind by a pickup truck and pushed into the car in front of him. Claimant suffered serious neck pain that was treated with physical therapy, injections and eventually a rhizotomy (nerve root burning). The case settled for $75,000.

Claimant was getting out of his car when another inattentive driver sideswiped the vehicle. Claimant sustained mild internal bleeding that was later resolved. Mr. Mahoney settled this claim for $55,000.

2011 Settlements

Claimant was a back seat passenger in a one-car rollover crash that occurred when the driver fell asleep. Claimant's arm was broken and was surgically repaired. The claim was resolved for $75,000.

Claimant, standing, was involved in an argument with another person who was seated in a van. The driver of the truck sped off with Claimant's hand stuck in the window. Claimant was dragged for 20 feet until his hand came out of the window, injuring his knee. Dan Mahoney settled the claim for the policy limits of $50,000.

Claimant was injured at a shopping center due to the defective design of some steps; she tripped and fell, breaking her hip. A premises liability case was filed against the shopping center owner. The case was settled in August 2011 for $172,500.

Claimant was a passenger in a pickup truck when it was rear-ended by a car while waiting at a stop light. Although the damage to the truck was minor, Claimant had been recovering from prior neck surgery when the crash occurred. She eventually had to undergo another surgery to re-repair the neck. Dan Mahoney settled the claims against the at-fault driver and for underinsured coverage for $155,000.

2010 Settlements

Claimant was driving her small Ford sedan home when a Dodge Ram pickup failed to yield at a stop sign and smashed into her car. Claimant suffered a fracture in her foot that eventually caused her ongoing pain and neurological problems. Dan Mahoney was able to resolve the claim for $300,000.

In one of several unfortunate scooter-car accidents, Dan Mahoney represented Claimant who was driving a scooter and was cut off when a car turned in front of her causing her to lose control and crash. Claimant's injuries resulted in arthroscopic knee and hand surgery. Dan Mahoney resolved the claims for $130,000.

A police officer was hurt on the job when his car was rear-ended. Claimant experienced ongoing back pain. A complaint was filed on behalf of the Claimant; settlement was obtained prior to trial for $69,500.

In an incident where Claimant was in the back of a pickup truck, standing on its bed, reloading a mattress that had flown off, the truck was rear-ended. Claimant sustained a three-inch cut to her scalp along with other musculoskeletal injuries. The case settled for $75,000.

Claimant was involved in a serious collision when an oncoming car turned left in front of her car, totaling both her car and the at-fault driver's car. Claimant had pre-existing back problems that she had treated with a chiropractor off and on for ten years; however, as a result of the crash she suffered a herniated disc in her lower back that required surgery. Dan Mahoney settled the claim for $210,000.

2009 Settlements

In a 2009 auto accident claim, a client was rear-ended while driving home from work during a snowstorm. The client's injuries were such that she required back surgery. Dan Mahoney filed a complaint against the at-fault party; however, a settlement was reached prior to trial. Dan Mahoney obtained the policy limits of $125,000 for his client from the at-fault party's insurance company.

A Client was injured when he was driving home and was hit head-on by a driver who crossed over a yellow line. Claimant's resulting injuries included a broken arm and PTSD. Driving aggravated his condition. Mr. Mahoney obtained a recovery for the policy limits from the at-fault driver and from Client's underinsured motorist coverage for a total settlement of $130,000.

Claimant was driving a small SUV which was rear-ended by Dodge Ram truck driven by a young inattentive driver. The SUV that Claimant was driving was crushed by the truck. Claimant required surgery to repair a disc in her neck. In January 2009, Dan Mahoney was able to resolve the claim for the available policy limits of $250,000.

In a tragic case a drunk driver was in his employer's Ford F-150 pickup truck when he swerved and crossed over the middle of a country gravel road, hitting head on a car that was coming from the other direction. The crash killed the driver of the car and injured two passengers. Dan Mahoney sued the drunk driver for the wrongful death and for the injuries to the two passengers. After ongoing litigation including the deposition taken in prison of the at-fault driver, the case settled for the $1 million policy limit and $150,000 from the bar where the drunk driver was overserved. The drunk driver was also sentenced to seven years in prison. 2008 Settlements

Client was a back seat passenger in a one-car rollover. The client sustained a cut in her mouth, a broken tooth and a hairline fracture in her arm; she recovered without the need for surgery. A claim was brought against the driver for Claimant's injuries. Mr. Mahoney settled the claim for his client for $70,000.

Claimant was riding his bicycle on a Longmont sidewalk when a car crashed into him when the car turned into a shopping center. Claimant sustained a shoulder injury. Dan Mahoney obtained a recovery of $100,000, the policy limits from the at-fault driver, as well as $150,000 from Claimant's own insurance company for a total recovery of $250,000.

In an auto accident that is also a workers' compensation claim, as Claimant was driving her car in the course and scope of her employment, a delivery truck turned in front of her causing a severe accident with significant injuries, including a shattered ankle. Mr. Mahoney brought a claim against the delivery company and obtained a $400,000 recovery. A workers' compensation claim was also initiated and is still ongoing. Dan Mahoney continues to work on resolving claimant's workers' compensation with regard to her lost wages and continued health care treatment to assure his client is receiving appropriate care.

2007 Settlements

Claimant was involved in a car accident wherein she was hit by a drunk driver who crossed over the center line going over a mountain pass. She sustained back injuries for which punitive damages were brought against the intoxicated driver. Mr. Mahoney obtained policy limits from the drunk driver's insurance and the drunk driver eventually served time in prison. In addition, Mr. Mahoney also obtained settlement from Claimant's own insurance under her underinsured motorist coverage.

Dan Mahoney settled a claim for his client for the wrongful death of her husband. Ms. Y's husband was killed by a drunk driver who was driving his sports car at high speed on a highway, lost control and crashed into Ms. Y's husband who was returning home from work. Dan Mahoney obtained the policy limit from the drunk driver's insurance company and the drunk driver was sentenced to seven years in prison. Dan Mahoney also sued the bowling alley bar that overserved the at-fault drunk driver. Mr. Mahoney obtained $167,000 recovery from the bar under the State of Colorado Dram shop act.

Workers Compensation Claims

Dan Mahoney settled a hard-fought workers' compensation wherein Claimant's work was such that she sustained repeated head and neck injuries over a 23-year span. Claimant's neck injuries evolved to the point where Claimant could not continue in her career in law enforcement. This case settled for $105,000 for permanent impairment.

In another combined workers' compensation claim where Claimant was driving in the course and scope of his employment, a vehicle pulled out from a side street in front of him. In order to avoid crushing the other car, Claimant swerved hard and rolled his dump truck onto its side. Claimant sustained back injuries that necessitated surgery paid for by the workers' compensation carrier. Claims were brought against the workers' compensation insurance carrier, the at-fault driver and Claimant's underinsured motorist coverage. Settlement was reached with all three entities for a total recovery of $262,000 plus the workers' compensation carrier continued payment of all medical bills and disability lost wages for two years.

Claimant worked for many years installing heavy commercial machinery and systems; he injured his lower back while twisting and lifting on the job. Subsequently Claimant was diagnosed with a herniated disc in his lower back that needed surgical repair. The worker's compensation carrier paid Claimant lost wage benefits and for all his medical treatment. In addition, Claimant resolved his permanent impairment claim for $80,000.

Claimant slipped and fell on some ice and reinjured her lower back while at work. She underwent many surgical procedures and received substantial lost wage and medical benefits from the workers' compensation carrier. Eventually Claimant opted to resolve her workers' compensation indemnity benefits and settled for $160,000.

Claimant hurt his lower back getting out of his police car while in the course and scope of his employment. Claimant's treatment included a rhizotomy to nerves in the lower spine. He resolved his permanent impairment claim for $46,000.

While at work Claimant stepped in a hole in an apartment complex hallway causing him to fall and injure his shoulder and knee. Mr. Mahoney was able to obtain workers' compensation benefits for Claimant, including lost wages for almost one year and payment of all medical expenses. Claimant's claim for permanent impairment was settled for $55,000.

Product Liability

A client who installed ski lifts with a helicopter was sold defective parts by a jet engine manufacturer. Dan Mahoney successfully sued the manufacturer.

A U.S. District Court jury found that the defendant sold defective fuel controls that prevented the helicopter from functioning at altitude and awarded the helicopter operating company $414,000 in damages.