Motor Vehicle Accidents FAQ

Colorado residents injured in motor vehicle accidents come to my law office feeling not only the physical pain caused by the collision, but also fear and uncertainty. They are dealing with the aftermath of the crash and trying to put their lives together. My job is to answer their numerous questions they have.

What Do I Do After A Crash?

First, you should check on your well-being and those of any passengers. If you or someone is seriously injured, call 911. In addition to getting immediate care, you will also have a documented police report that serves as important evidence in a personal injury claim. In addition and if you are able, gather important information, including the other driver's contact information, license and license plate numbers, and insurance policy numbers.

Should I Seek Medical Attention?

Regardless of the extent of your injuries, you and any passengers should seek medical care. Doctors are more skilled in identifying injuries that range from minor to serious and can advise on the extent of the physical damages.

Should I Speak To Insurance Adjusters?

Insurance companies will waste little time in contacting you. They will ask a variety of questions regarding the accident and request medical information. Their objective is to gather evidence against you that minimizes your injuries and any related compensation. Politely decline speaking to them. Equally as important, do not sign any medical record releases.

If I Retain An Attorney To Pursue A Personal Injury Claim, Will It Go To Court?

Most personal injury claims settle. However, some cases are best resolved at trial. Each case is different. A skilled and experienced personal injury lawyer can identify the specifics of a claim and pursue the best path to maximize compensation.

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