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Driver cited for accident after police reverse initial conclusion

A police report from the scene of an accident carries significant weight in court. This authoritative description of the event can play an important role when seeking compensation for one's losses due to another individual's negligence. But what if the police get the story wrong?

When multiple parties are at fault in an auto accident (Part 2)

Sometimes it's crystal clear which party is responsible for causing a car crash. Other times, it may be that multiple parties involved in an auto accident all bear some responsibility. How does a Colorado court decide how to award damages in such a situation?

When multiple parties are at fault in an auto accident

Whose fault was it? This is likely to be one of the first questions Denver residents hear after a motor vehicle accident. Sometimes, the answer is not in dispute, but other times it could be that both drivers were guilty of some level of negligent behavior.

Driver runs red light, injures kids in Denver crosswalk

Denver residents rely on first responders in emergencies. Whether fire, police or medical, our city's emergency response professionals do the best they can to protect public safety. But this doe not mean that average citizens can do their part to help. Recently, one local mother's immediate reaction may have even saved her children's lives after an auto accident.

When is an employer responsible for an employee's negligence?

We made a point previously on our Denver personal injury law blog that may warrant some further discussion and clarification. In a post about an accident involving a city worker, we noted that an employer can generally be held accountable for an employee's dangerous or negligent acts. There are certain exceptions, though, which may have left readers wondering: just when is an employer responsible for an employee's negligence?

Six-figure settlement in auto accident with city worker

Denver residents are used to sharing the roads with city vehicles. Colorado cities and municipalities try to do their best to ensure that their employees are trained and equipped to ensure the safety of others as they drive to and from sites throughout the area. But when a city employee causes a motor vehicle accident while on the job, it's important for victims to understand their rights in these circumstances.

Teen dies after multivehicle pedestrian accident

The winter solstice recently passed and now Denver residents should notice a lengthening of daylight as the year comes to an end. However, evening still comes very early, and in the darkness of the afternoon and night, it can be difficult for drivers to see obstacles in front of them. This can include debris dropped from other vehicles as well as other automobiles and pedestrians in the roads.

Denver drivers, pedestrians both have a duty of care

We noted last week, in the case of a van that struck a group of pedestrians in downtown Denver, that pedestrian accident injuries can be both serious and, unfortunately, challenging when it comes to seeking compensation. Let's take a closer look at the responsibilities of both drivers and pedestrians, and consider how a court will go about determining negligence in an auto-pedestrian accident.

Auto accident in downtown Denver injures pedestrians

Walking around downtown Denver is something many residents would consider a relatively peaceful, safe activity. Especially when enjoying time out with friends in broad daylight, few would expect to suddenly find themselves the victims of an auto accident.

The holiday season can bring dangers to the roadways

Now that the holiday season is upon us, residents in Colorado and other states are likely in a festive mood. Colanders are likely being filled up with family gatherings, holiday parties and events. While this is an exciting time to plan and shop for, it is also a time where there is an increase in dangers on the roadways. Unfortunately, while much joy is brought with the holiday season, it can also bring devastation and grief as distracted driving and drunk driving is at an increase.

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