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Vehicle accidents can cause catastrophic injuries

A vehicle accident can affect a Denver driver in any number of ways. It may be a simple "fender bender" that causes the victim to lose some time and expend some energy in order to repair their vehicle and deal with their insurance claims. It may be a more serious collision that leaves the victim feeling sore and requires a visit to the doctor and a treatment plan in order to recuperate. However, as many of our readers know, some accidents are significantly worse and can cause victims to suffer serious injuries that can threaten their mobility, their ability to communicate and, in some cases, their very lives.

The injuries that victims may suffer in automobile accidents can range from minor to fatal. It is not uncommon for individuals in this unfortunate position to suffer head and back injuries; the jerking motion that a victim's body may suffer in a crash can cause serious damage to their spinal cord and can also result in traumatic brain injury if their head makes contact with a solid portion of their vehicle's interior.

Stay off social media after a motor vehicle accident

Chances are good you have some kind of social media presence, whether it is on Facebook, Twitter or something else. A report from the Pew Research Center shows that nearly seven out of 10 Americans have some type of social media account. There are those who post everything about their lives on these pages, but after a car accident, it is best to stay tight-lipped. 

Until everything with your insurance agency becomes finalized, it is for the best to remain silent on social media; posting the wrong thing could seriously hurt your case. It is not unheard of for attorneys and insurance adjusters to use people's tweets and Facebook posts in court, so you want to avoid doing anything detrimental. 

Getting the right help after a "phantom driver" accident

Most vehicle accidents involve a physical collision between two or more cars, trucks or other automobiles. These accidents can be damaging and very dangerous to Denver residents. However, accidents can also occur when two vehicles never touch, but one causes the other to suffer a collision.

Accidents caused by drivers whose vehicles do not touch other vehicles are called "phantom driver" accidents. A phantom driver accident can be incredibly frustrating to the accident victim because there is a good chance that the responsible driver will not stop and render aid or exchange insurance information with those affected by their actions.

Why do so many nurses get hurt on the job?

Any Denver resident who has ever spent time in a hospital knows how valuable and important nurses are to the functioning of a medical center. They provide direct care to many patients throughout their shifts, maintaining the courses of treatment prescribed by the patients' doctors and monitoring those under their care for changes in their health and wellness. Nurses are on the front lines of providing ailing individuals with the support they need to improve, and unfortunately, all of that attention often results in injuries and harm to nursing professionals.

In fact, the Bureau of Labor Statistics found that registered nurses rank sixth on the list of all professions to suffer strains during the course of their work. This is due, in large part, to the responsibility of nurses to move patients in order for those individuals to receive medical treatment. Nurses may move patients from beds, chairs, bathrooms, and other locations, often using their own strength to support those under their care, and through repetitive motion, often causing musculoskeletal injuries in their own bodies.

What happens when an insurance company acts in bad faith?

When you are going through a stressful time, for example, recovering from a serious car accident, the last thing you need is an insurance company that acts in bad faith. That is, a company that misleads you or does not follow its obligations under Colorado law.

The consequences to you can be severe when an insurance company acts in bad faith. For example, suppose it was an uninsured driver who hit you and you carry at least the minimum uninsured/underinsured motorist insurance coverage. However, insurance regulations can be complex, and if you get a jargon-laden letter from your insurance company stating what it will cover and what it will not, you might just be happy that at least some things are covered.

How can office workers at desks suffer injuries?

When most people think of work-related injuries, they think about something drastic. However, workplace-related injuries can occur to anyone anywhere, including those who spend most of their work days behind a desk. In fact, a report from the Bureau of Labor Statistics showed that over three million people suffered injuries at the workplace in 2013 alone. 

Although office workers generally do not have to utilize heavy machinery or handle chemicals, they still face risks. It is vital for employers and employees alike to be aware of the dangers so everyone can circumvent them. Here are some of the most common instances of worker-related injuries for people who work at their desks most of the time. 

National drunk driving statistics are sobering

Mothers Against Drunk Driving, often referred to by its acronym "MADD," is an organization that advocates for the end of preventable drunk driving accidents and fatalities. The organization has a presence in Colorado, as well as other states throughout the nation, and compiles statistics on drunk driving to use to further its important platform. This post will utilize some of MADD's most poignant findings to discuss the problem that drunk driving is for Coloradoans and Americans across the country.

To begin, MADD estimates that every two minutes in the country, a person suffers injuries in a drunk driving accident. This upsetting fact is eclipsed by the even more terrible fact that around 27 people die every day in crashes involving drunk drivers. Drunk drivers cause pain and suffering for those who are directly involved in collisions with them, as well as for those who lose loved ones in drunk driving accidents.

Two die in wrong-way accident on Colorado highway

When driving down a Colorado highway or interstate, a driver may see a variety of different signs. There are signs that mark exits off of the roadways, and there are speed limit signs that tell drivers just how fast they may go according to the applicable laws. They may pass signs that tell them how far they must travel in order to reach cities and towns along the way, and they could see signs for restaurants, gas stations and other points of interest.

One important type of sign that drivers must note and follow is signage that denotes what direction drivers may operate their vehicles on the roads. Generally, highways and interstates have multiple lanes that travel in opposite directions, and with numerous on-ramps and off-ramps it is important that drivers are given instructions on where they may safely take their automobiles.

Can teachers qualify for worker's comp?

Teaching is often a hard and stressful profession. Many educators deal with students who come from all types of backgrounds, and teachers must develop lesson plans to meet varying learning styles and abilities.

But what about on-the-job dangers? The risks may be more obvious for people who work in industries such as manufacturing, especially when equipment such as forklifts are in the picture. Make no mistake, though, there are plenty of job dangers that may lead to teachers qualifying for worker's comp. Here is a look at a few:

Nurses with work-related injuries may have rights to compensation

Individuals who enter the nursing profession often do so out of a desire to help others and serve those who are in need. Many Denver hospitals and doctors' offices are made better by the kind and considerate care offered by the nurses who staff them. Nurses are medical professionals who work long hours and perform difficult tasks so that others may feel better and recuperate from their ailments.

Unfortunately, though, many nurses suffer ailments themselves. By virtue of the physical nature of their jobs, many nurses suffer injuries to their backs, necks, and other parts of their bodies as they work with patients and move them from place to place. Quite recently, this personal injury legal blog discussed how nurses who utilize safe practices can still suffer strain injuries when helping patients at the nurses' places of employment.

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