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Six-figure settlement in auto accident with city worker

Denver residents are used to sharing the roads with city vehicles. Colorado cities and municipalities try to do their best to ensure that their employees are trained and equipped to ensure the safety of others as they drive to and from sites throughout the area. But when a city employee causes a motor vehicle accident while on the job, it's important for victims to understand their rights in these circumstances.

Take the example of an accident that occurred in a Colorado city back in 2016 in which a city utilities worker got into an accident with another driver. The victim suffered injuries and emotional distress as a result of the collision and sought compensation through a personal injury lawsuit. They driver and the city recently reached a settlement of the litigation in which the city paid him over $150,000.

Occupational hazards faced by today’s nurses

If you are among the many men and women who currently make a living as a nurse, you probably find at least some degree of fulfillment in working a job that allows you to help others in need. As rewarding as a career in nursing can be, however, it is not without inherent dangers, and nurses face a myriad of risks and workplace hazards specific to the nursing profession.

In addition to the emotional toll your nursing job may take on you, which may be exacerbated by long, irregular hours and a lack of sufficient sleep, many nurses face:

Self-driving trucks: the answer to truck accidents?

When truck drivers drive negligently, the results can be catastrophic. Despite federal trucking regulations governing drivers as well as trucking companies, many still drive drowsy, under the influence of drugs (prescription or otherwise) or take dangerous actions behind the wheel that lead to truck accidents with serious injuries or deaths resulting. New technology, however, has some observers cautiously optimistic that it could make the roads safer for drivers in Denver and across the country who must share the road with tractor-trailers.

The technology is the self-driving semi truck. A West Coast company has developed a self-driving system that can be installed in existing big rigs. The system uses data from several long-range radars, five cameras and other sensors along with machine learning software to "see" the world outside the truck and respond in real time.

Why you should hire an attorney after a car accident

If you have never been involved in a car accident before, you might only now realize the long-term effects that often come from these events. Maybe you are unable to work for a time, and this has made paying your bills a struggle. Your rising medical expenses may also cause you stress, even though you hope the other driver's insurance company will eventually pay them.

It may seem as if there is nothing you can do but wait. However, an attorney knows ways to make your situation less emotionally and financially stressful.

Police seek video evidence in possible drunk driving accident

We'll continue from our last post on the unfortunate subject of the dangerous roads in Colorado today. With over 600 lives lost behind the wheel in Colorado last year, 2018 has already seen two highway deaths just north of Denver.

In the early evening hours on a Saturday, a young woman in her mid-twenties drove her car into the oncoming traffic side of I-25. Police are unsure of exactly why wrong-way signs and barricades failed to alert the driver to her mistake, but they also suspect that she was driving while intoxicated. She would have had to make an unusual turn and go around a barrier while ignoring clear signage regarding the direction of traffic.

Colorado traffic fatalities climb 29 percent in 3 years

Drivers across Colorado already have to worry about inclement weather, seasonal snowfall and steep mountain roads, but now they have a new concern. According to, the number of fatalities on the state’s roadways has climbed nearly 30 percent over the last three years, with 630 people losing their lives on Colorado roads in 2017 alone.

What are some of the factors contributing to this rise? While abusing substances before getting behind the wheel and otherwise driving distracted are often factors in roadway fatalities, Colorado has also experienced a steady influx of new residents into the state in recent years. In addition to the sheer number of people sharing the same roads, some of these new residents may not have practice driving in winter weather, or at high elevations.

What is the timeline for filing a workers' compensation claim?

Injured workers in Denver are often urged to take action as soon as possible if they want to claim benefits. But just how soon is that, and what action, or actions, are required in seeking workers' compensation? For the answer, we look to the Colorado Department of Labor and Employment, which offers a helpful timeline summarizing the claims process and the responsible parties at each step.

First of all, an injured employee has four days within which to file a written injury report with the employer. The employer then has 10 days to communicate with their insurance company regarding the worker's injuries. The insurer may take up to 20 days to admit or deny liability, depending on the nature of the claim.

Where, when and why do major truck crashes happen?

When you think of a crash involving an 18-wheeler, you probably envision a freeway setting; after all, big rigs seem to surround you when you are driving on the interstate.

It might surprise you to learn how often truck accidents occur on quiet country roads, when they are most likely to happen and what factors cause these large vehicles to crash.

Denver area retail employees injured on the job during robbery

There are many ways in which Denver residents may find themselves injured on the job. From slip-and-fall accidents, to burns, to crush injuries or repetitive stress injuries, any job site can be the scene of a workplace accident. Some workplace injuries, however, may not necessarily be tied to an accident, but they may be the result of a physical assault on the job.

As one recent example, two employees were working at a local pet food and supply store in the early hours of the morning. Suddenly, multiple individuals wearing masks on their faces and brandishing weapons entered the store. They proceeded to beat the two employees, a male and a female, before fleeing with cash stolen from the store. The workers were treated at an area hospital for their injuries.

Did you suffer a workplace injury in a health care setting?

From the outside, a casual observer may not think of a health care setting as a particularly dangerous place to work: It's not a crab fishing vessel on the Bering Sea, and medical attention is close at hand. Yet, health care workers face a slew of potentially dangerous situations on a regular basis, ranging from back injuries received while moving a patient to blood-borne pathogens - and everything in between.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, those who work in health care suffer injuries more often than workers in industries such as construction and manufacturing. In the health care industry, workplace injuries typically arise from moving and interacting with patients. The other significant hazard that health care workers face on the job is becoming ill due to contact with sick patients or pathogens in the workplace.

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