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When multiple parties are at fault in an auto accident

Whose fault was it? This is likely to be one of the first questions Denver residents hear after a motor vehicle accident. Sometimes, the answer is not in dispute, but other times it could be that both drivers were guilty of some level of negligent behavior.

In these situations, it's important to understand what the legal field calls contributory and comparative negligence. We'll be taking a look at these concepts that deal with situations where more than one individual bears some fault for an accident. The information is presented as general background only, and is not intended as specific legal advice.

Watching out for aggressive drivers

There are many great things about living in Colorado; unfortunately, driving on its roads is not among them. According to several insurance studies, Colorado drivers rank among the nation's worst for their frequently aggressive driving.

Driving aggressively often leads to accidents, as angry drivers tend to ignore traffic rules as well as common courtesy. You can reduce your risk by learning to recognize some red flags from afar and staying away from problem drivers.

Not all truck accidents involve vehicles colliding

Denver residents are accustomed to exercising extra caution when sharing the road with semi trucks. But even if a truck driver is also driving responsibly, it's still possible for a truck accident to occur. How so?

A news station here in Denver recently made the point that sometimes a truck is hauling a load that isn't adequately secured. It could be anything from furniture to construction supplies or even a load of rocks: falling debris from a semi truck can and does cause accidents and injuries.

What if you can't go back to work after a workplace accident?

A serious accident on the job can leave workers with injuries that change their lives forever. While many recover and eventually return to work, this is not always the case. Some workers will need vocational rehabilitation - that is, assistance in finding new employment with requirements that they are able to perform. How can the Colorado Division of Vocational Rehabilitation help these individuals?

The Division of Vocational Rehabilitation provides a diverse array of services. Counselors are available to work one-on-one with eligible individuals and provide guidance. Training is another important service, whether job-specific training or perhaps academic training in order to help build up a new set of skills and knowledge. Of course, assistance is available with searching for jobs, placement and coaching. Sometimes technology can help an injured employee adapt to a new job, and the Division can help in this regard as well.

Can you be seen by NPs for workers' comp?

Nurse practitioners perform many of the same functions that doctors do. For example, like a doctor can, an NP in Colorado may diagnose and treat patients and prescribe medication as long as the NP's initial supervisory period has been completed. Colorado also recognizes NPs as primary care providers. That said, workers' compensation is an issue that perhaps requires even more care and attention to detail because of the documentation involved. It is also important that correct diagnoses be made.

So, can you see NPs for workers' comp?

The brain may harbor a perception dangerous to motorcyclists

Following a car-motorcycle crash, the motorist who was at fault for the accident may insist that s/he did not see the motorcycle, inferring that it was too small an object.

A university study indicates that this may have to do with how the brain interprets distances.

Denver area construction worker injured in air duct fall

Denver residents have only to pass by a typical construction site to get a sense of the risks that construction workers face on the job. From towering scaffolds to heavy machinery and electrical wiring, the possibilities for a workplace accident are numerous, and only increase as the scope of the construction project grows.

Take the recent example of an incident that occurred at a project near Denver International Airport. The 1,500-room Gaylord hotel currently under development there is among the largest buildings going up in our state. Recently, a worker was up on one of the higher floors when he fell, but not just from a ladder or ledge. The worker fell into the building's massive air duct system and landed several stories deep.

3 of the most common workers comp claims

Countless people are injured on the job every day and find themselves faced with two options: report the injury and pursue workers' compensation or ignore the pain for fear of retaliation. Too many workers choose the latter and regret the decision greatly. Injured workers are legally protected from retaliation and other consequences, and it is your right to receive medical treatment for your injuries.

According to the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment, thousands of people in the state alone are injured or become ill due to risks at work. You should watch out for any of the following common injuries, and if you have experienced any of them, consider seeking out legal advice:

Driving under the influence of marijuana in Colorado

April 20 is unofficially a day on which fans of recreational marijuana celebrate and partake of the drug, which was legalized here in Colorado recently. Unfortunately, statistics show that some Colorado drivers are either unaware of or insufficiently concerned about the risks associated with driving under the influence of the drug.

More than one in four marijuana users acknowledged in surveys conducted by the Colorado Department of Transportation that they drive while high practically every day. Almost 70 percent have driven high at least one time in the last year. Coupled with this is the concerning trend for some marijuana users to drive while under the influence of other substances as well. In fact, the Colorado State Patrol found in a recent study that seven in ten individuals who had been driving while intoxicated had consumed multiple drugs, ranging from alcohol and marijuana to opiates and other substances.

Help when injured by an underinsured or uninsured motorist

Car accidents can be troublesome enough but may be made even worse when the victim has been hit by an uninsured or underinsured driver. When an underinsured or uninsured driver has caused a car accident, it does not mean that the victim is not left with the same damages which can include injuries resulting in medical expenses, lost wages, pain and suffering and other expenses.

As a result, it is important to understand the options available to victims of a car accident who find that the negligent driver who struck them may be liable but does not have insurance or does not carry adequate insurance to cover the damages. In circumstances when the negligent driver is not adequately insured, or in circumstances of a hit-and-run driver that is never identified or found, options may still be available to injured car accident victims.

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